Monday, August 3, 2015

Did God commit "adultery" by impregnating a married woman?

COMMENT FROM A Y’SHUA REJECTER: There was no such thing as "betrothal" 2000 years ago – Miriam was married. So supposedly G-d impregnated a married woman, breaking yet another of His own laws (adultery). Plus He offered Himself as a human sacrifice to Himself for a sin He created (in the Garden of Eden), but then He promptly undied ,negating any "sacrifice." Yep, sure makes a lot of sense (not)!

MESSIANIC RESPONSE: (Thanks to our friend Scott Paddock for supplying this response!) There were 2 stages of marriage and in the Ketubah (Betrothal) Stage, one was considered fully married but had not yet consummated the Marriage or lived with the Bride. At first Yoseph thought about a "Get" (Divorce) because he had not yet slept with Miriam or entered the full Shitrez Erusin Contract Marriage...but was assured by HaShem that she was still a virgin.

The reason she went to stay with Zechariah (Top Priest of the Mishmarot (Course) of Abiyah would almost assuredly have been her willingness to go through the "Sotah" (Numbers 5:11-31) to prove her virginity as well.

What sin did HaShem/Messiah create in Gan Eden? No need for a Messiah until AFTER - man of his own freewill...sinned first. Only the Nephesh (Soul) in the blood and the physical body make up the "Korbanot" (Offering)...not the Neshamah that is eternal that only "Spiritual" men have (not animals or men that only are soulish and physical). This part of man is beyond the physical Offering and the part that can be resurrected into a new being that is now un-corruptable and cannot be Offered again as a Chatah (Sin) Korbanot.

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