Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Conspiracy theory" or "Wrong teaching" alert!

There’s a teaching going around that that Hebrew letters of YHWH’s Name means, “Behold the hand behold the nail” – which is totally bogus!  Author and Aramaic scholar Andrew Gabriel Roth responds:

The "Behold the Hand Behold the Nail" assertion is not really about יהוה (Yud Hey Vav Hey, or in English,YHWH); but rather, it is symbolism and meanings that some Paleo folks think is hidden in the arrangement of the letters. The VA V/WAW means "hook, hang, nail" - and in the ancient Hebrew form it actually looks kind of like a nail and the reference to it is made in the Torah, where a hook or nail in the Tabernacle is called VAV.

'Yahweh' however, is THIRD person whereas 'Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh' (I am that I am) is FIRST person. The latter is what Yahweh calls HIMSELF; the former is what we are supposed to call Him, as it parses out to 'Yah Who is' or 'Yah, He Who exists'. But the third person Name (Yahweh) is on another level "targummed/understood" as referring to the other Name; hence, "I am that I am" when the other Name is linked to it.

Furthermore, the various video teachings mentions that God was “given many names” by humans, which is also an erroneous assertion since our Creator only has ONE “name” and that is יהוה.  The rest are simply TITLES!

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