Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Get rid of the "blood sucking ticks" in your life...

Most of us have experienced “toxic” people – those who are constantly causing stress and strife and worry and division.  These types are either pushy, arrogant and demanding, or they sit around whining and crying and asking for help every five minutes because their life is “in the toilet” due to poor decisions.  Those people can absolutely suck the life out of you!  They’re like little ticks – blood sucking creatures that lie in wait for you to pass by so that they can climb aboard, dig their head into your skin, and begin to suck the blood right out of you.

These “human ticks” are forever asking for prayer and help and monetary donations to help them make it through their dreary days.  And when you finally refuse because they’ve sucked you dry, they berate you, put you down and discourage you. (You know exactly the type of person I’m talking about!)  They look for ways to trip you up and cause you to stumble. And when you do, they take great delight in watching you struggle and suffer. They then make it their mission to let everyone else know you’ve failed; they have no problem gloating about your weaknesses!

These types of people are actually mentioned in Scripture.  King David, for instance, was well aware of the destruction the “human ticks” can bring.  You can see David’s struggles in Psalms 18, where he gives credit to  יהוה (YHWH) for saving him from his enemies.

It’s easy to get pulled into the “drama” of others!  But Psalms 18 perfectly shows that seeking out our Creator is key – and while doing so, it is imperative to remember to keep our own hands clean.  We cannot deal with all the “stuff” others drag into our life – especially in places like Facebook where we have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of “friends”!  Instead of becoming angry and saying or doing something we might ultimately regret, we must begin to focus on our own “backyard” – on our spiritual and physical health - and let God handle the “life sucking ticks.”  HE will deliver you in HIS timing!  You don’t have to do anything except kick the “ticks” out of your life and focus on the One who created you to live this earthly life in a set-apart/holy manner for all to see!

David truly had a “heart for  יהוה.  He kept His focus on worshiping Him in good times and bad, through the proverbial “thick and thin.”   Our life will be a lot less complicated when we decide to do the same as David did, living each day according to our ELOHIM’s will … AND becoming VERY discerning about the people we allow to be our “friends” – some of whom are clearly sent into our life by the enemy who wishes only to wreak havoc and destroy everyone involved….

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