Wednesday, April 1, 2015

When did God become "third"?

It seems we have the following hierarchy:

1.  Federal and State law.
2.  Personal desires.
3.  God.

...And more often than not if one's personal desires conflict Federal and State law, those people simply force a change to Federal or State law.  So perhaps "personal desires" is actually #1? Either way, God is at least "3rd" and maybe not even that high in many lists.

Last week (March 26, 2105), Indiana Senate Bill 101 was signed into Indiana law.  With that bill, the true nature of where we stand as a Nation was made crystal clear.  Our National stance is this:  We don't care what God says.

Indiana Senate Bill 101, is titled the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act", or RFRA, and I'm not about to try to summarize it for you.  You can go read it if you are so inclined.

The negative reaction to the Bill was swift. The news media jumped on the bandwagon that the bill was "discriminatory to gays", and oh, we can't have any
of our gays being called out for their immorality!  No!  What they do is NOT immoral, after all, they've forced new laws on all of us mandating we "accept" their immorality. Now, if you are opposed to their behavior, YOU are the wrong one - you, you "DISCRIMINATOR!"  What I’m wondering is:  When did “religious freedom” end up being “bad” - something that had to be contested?   Who decided that “gay rights” should outweigh “religious freedom"?  WHY should I, if I were a baker, be forced to bake a cake for some same-sex wedding if I want to follow what God says about homosexuality?  Where are MY rights to uphold the morality of the higher authority?
You see, beyond (actually above) the United States Constitution (which, by the way is supposed to protect the free exercise of one's religion … see the 1st Amendment), there is an even GREATER "Constitution" which long ago declared homosexual behavior as prohibited and an "abomination".  This is GOD's law – and for those who don’t appreciate that, I would highly recommend they get Him to change HIS mind first - and then go after Federal and State law.  If you manage to change God’s mind, I'll happily change mine!  Simple! Here’s the bottom line:  The gays can demand all they want, and they will succeed and hide behind "rights" and "family values" and "God loves us all" mantras, but in the end, it changes nothing!  In the end, those who chose to obey God will "win" and those who chose otherwise will "lose".  (The Bible outlines how we can “win” with God, which is really all that matters….)


  1. "...But even if he doesn't, we want you to know, your majesty,that we will neither serve your gods nor worship the gold statue which you have set up." Dani'el 3:18 Many are bending the knee as bav'el establishes it's mischief; even the elect if possible will be led astray. I have decided to surrender ALL to YHWH.

  2. Amein to your comment! "...we will neither serve your gods nor worship the gold statue which you have set up." A thousand times AMEIN! There is no "gray area" when it comes to God. You're either His, or not.


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