Thursday, April 23, 2015

Challenging some dangerous Christian assertions

Does this statement upset you?
"If God has written the Ten Commandments on your heart and mind, you should be able to list all ten with no trouble. Can you? What's the seventh commandment? You can't do it because it's not there, and a very good thing that is too!"
Well, it should upset you because it’s a bald-faced lie! If someone cannot quote the Seventh Commandment (or any other commandment), it's because they don't know Scripture! This is just another Christian pushing false doctrine down the throats of gullible people who like the idea of receiving endless “grace” without doing anything for YHWH in return!

Here is my response to this person:

Please tell me what you think! 


  1. I don't understand. Why did G-d say He'd write Torah on our hearts if He only meant that it would be replaced by "grace"? Maybe this guys should spend more time in the rest of scripture than jus the New Testament? How did he miss ROmans 2:13-15?

  2. Some questions that I have wondered relating to this, have been such as: Why would YHWH give people such a complex system as the Torah, only to suddenly wipe it all out and leave us to figure out what is sin and what is not, without any kind of moral code?

    The Christians may argue that the Holy Spirit shows this to us by dwelling inside of a believer, that that would be the 'writing the law to our hearts'.
    But then when you look at Christians as a whole, they each have their own ideas about what is sin and what is not, so there isn't a general guideline 'written in their hearts'. Why would YHWH leave us in such a state?

    The Christians are not a 'peculiar, separate people' among all the people of the world, in fact, they are blending into the mainstream more and more each day. Something I can't see in the Bible YHWH ever intended for His people. How can you tell His people from all the nations anymore, if Christianity and 'freedom; no laws or moral code applies to them anymore?

    And if Torah no longer applies, because, as the Christians say; it is impossible to keep, then why bother with the 9 commandments they variably do try to keep? Why not just murder, steal and commit adultery, because it is impossible to keep all the commandments, and in fact, trying to keep even the 9 commandments would be 'under the law', too, so why not just leave it altogether and go and follow other 'gods', too, because even keeping the first commandment is also being 'under the law'?

    And just loving YHWH and yourself as your neighbour, which again is one argument they make for being the 'new testament only commandment', how do you know what love is? Each may have their own ideas about it. How do you define it, if you no longer have the Torah to define love for us?

    But the Christians just can't see how their doctrine doesn't make any sense, so deep rooted is their error. I am praying for them, I am praying that YHWH would show them the Way and have mercy on them. I was once one of them, but by the true grace of YHWH, I was shown the way and am now Torah observant and believe in His Messiah Yeshua. Halleluyah!

    1. Thank you for your excellent comments! Awesome – every last one of them. The big problem with Christians is akin to the same big problem with the Jews: Tradition! “This is how we’ve always done it, this is what our pastor/rabbi says, and therefore, we’re not going to change a thing.” And then, instead of reading Scripture for themselves to verify what their pastor or rabbi teaches, they simply take their word for it and leave it at that.

      We have an old Christian friend who argues with us every year at Christmas and Easter that “it’s fun for the kids – what’s wrong with that?” Well, what’s wrong with it is that neither of those Christian holidays are YHWH’s HOLY days! They are both commercial holidays that HINT at the Bible (while enticing you to empty your wallet), which totally misses the whole point. “Jesus” was NOT born on Dec. 25, the shepherds don’t “watch their flocks at night” (Luke 2:8) out in the snow in the middle of December, and the three “wise men” didn’t give presents to each other; and Jesus didn’t rise on “Easter Sunday” - which makes those two holidays a LIE.

      YHWH's real HOLY DAYS, on the other hand, are NOT commercialized; they are commanded AND they're all about Him!

      But just try to tell some people that, LOL!


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