Saturday, April 11, 2015

Suggestions on "kosherizing" your store-bought meat

Every once in awhile we get inquiries about how to get rid of the excess blood in store-bought meat.  In all honesty, lately, I’ve been more and more inclined to become a vegetarian because the thought of animals being killed in ANY fashion turns me off, but since people are asking, here is what I tell them.  If anybody has any other ideas, please let me know!

As you probably know, kill methods in slaughter houses are NOT “kosher” and usually consist of gassing or electrocution … methods designed to simply “stop the heart.”  (Read about “kosher methods” in this article.)  

The same goes for a hunter who shoots a deer.  The animal dies with all or at least most of its blood still remaining in its body – and then it is cooked, blood and all.  This goes against YHWH’s command to NOT eat blood (you can review the relevant scriptures in this article)....

So, how to get rid of the blood in the packages of store-bought meat?    Some people cover the meat with salt which draws out the blood, but I I personally prefer to put the meat in a bowl and cover it with water and microwave it for several minutes.  Rinse and repeat until the water remains clear.   This isn’t always necessary with chicken or turkey since they get their heads cut off and bleed out that way.


  1. I've learned that microwaving food more than once pretty much destroys all of the nutritional value in it so I try not to microwave anything anymore. We sometimes brine our meat in water with kosher salt (in the fridge) until it runs clear 0 which could be after 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the meat. It shouldn't take more than a few hours and it also tenderizes the meat. I can brine up to a 15 lb turkey in a (previously sanitized) 5 gallon paint pail from Home Depot. You can also add seasonings to your brine.

    One more thing though - what we think is blood in the meat, isn't necessarily so:
    I have a friend whose husband is a chemist and he agrees with this:

  2. I know a few who hunt and kill deer but they do it the rigth way. They take it home hang it from a tree upside down, slit the throat and drain the blood. But of course they are Native American and know what to do.

  3. What i normally do is boil the meat with salt and some garlic then wash it with afterwards but I moved away from any meat for a week now and eat more fruits and vegetables with rice. I've observed that every morning i feel ligther and refresh.
    Shalo b'shalama.


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