Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Passover is on the horizon. So, do we rid our homes of "yeast" or "leaven?"

With Passover on the horizon (it begins in the afternoon of March 27), we need to start thinking of "ridding our homes of leaven" - which prevents the need for last-minute panic where it must be discarded all at once.

Many will attempt to tell you to rid your homes of "yeast" but that is not exactly true.  We breathe in millions of "yeast" spores with our every breath, so it's impossible to "get rid of yeast."

YHWH says no "chametz" is to be in your house (Exodus 12:19 & 13:7), and that you are not to eat food with chametz in it (Exodus 12:20 & 13:3).

What is "chametz?"  Our indepth article, Yeast or Leaven? explains.

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