Sunday, September 13, 2020

A warning about Scripture inerrancy

It is always best to have several different Bible versions in your house for comparison, as the numerous Bible versions are fraught with mistranslations and changes, subtractions or additions. Furthermore, many changes occur because copyright laws state that each new Bible version MUST be at least 20 percent different from the others....

It’s one thing for each Bible version to “sound different” from the others; but it’s a real and dangerous problem when the various translators have inserted their own bias and added to, or subtracted from, the original Hebrew and Aramaic texts, THAT IS EDITING the Word of YHWH!

For instance, in the case of the bogus John 8, woman caught in adultery story, this addition made it sound like Yeshua was breaking Torah - which tells us adulterers were to be STONED TO DEATH, not simply released and told not to sin again….

Please read our article on Scripture inerrancy.

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