Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 2018 Lunar Eclipse is NOT a “Blood Moon”!

The mainstream media (MSM) is making a big deal about the total lunar eclipse of July 27-28 this year (2018). Some of these intellects are even calling it the “Longest Blood Moon of the Century”!


First, it is not a “blood moon”! I am so sick of the term “blood moon” I could spit! This is an ordinary total lunar eclipse! The term “blood moon” should be reserved for the biblical event when the moon turns blood red when it is not expected to be in eclipse. (See Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20, Revelation Chapter 6, vs 11-13). This term was abused by authors Biltze and Hagee – shame on them.

Second, who cares how “long” a total lunar eclipse is?!!! Since the “length” of a total lunar eclipse depends on the moon’s distance from earth, some eclipses will be “long” and some “short” based on that distance.

You want the truth?

This is an ordinary total lunar eclipse. Period. And do you know what? It is not visible in totality from the North American continent which includes all of the USA! From a biblical perspective this is important. If something in the heavens is not visible* to you – you did not know it happened and it can have no significance!

This was the great flaw in Biltz’ and Hagee’s theory of the great “tetrad” of lunar eclipses back in 2014-15. They wrote of gloom and doom (an profited from it) when the truth was that NONE of those total lunar eclipses could have indicated anything prophetic for Israel because NONE of those eclipses were visible from Israel! As far as Israel is concerned, those eclipses never happened! See https://www.therefinersfire.org/blood_moons.htm

Folks, ordinary total lunar eclipses are not “blood moons”! That is simply MSM and popular ignorance. This eclipse in July this year, for example, will go completely unnoticed in the United States. For all practical purposes, from our perspective in the US, the eclipse did not happen. This is the same sort of situation during the “tetrad” of 2014-15 hyped by Biltz and Hagee: As far as Israel was concerned, those eclipses never happened.

I am appalled that Biltz and Hagee “popularized” the term “blood” moon and I’m even more appalled that the MSM ran with it and still run with it.  Sadly, now the term “blood moon” is used for any, ordinary total lunar eclipse.


(*About saying “If something in the heavens is not visible to you – you did not know it happened.” - That is generally true, except in the case of the moon.  If the moon is NOT visible sometime during any day of the month, then you know it is in or nearing conjunction! For those who say: “Conjunction can’t be a ‘sign’ because you can’t see it”, well, they are dead wrong! The absence of the visible moon IS the sign! The moon is ALWAYS visible all month – except when it is near or in conjunction! In fact, the day of conjunction can be determined because you can’t see the moon!)

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