Saturday, July 21, 2018

A message to the Jesus rejecters

So, let’s see if I’ve got this right:

You post your testimony in some counter-missionary convert’s thread, to let the world know that you’ve rejected Jesus and the entire “New Testament” because you’ve “FINALLY found the Truth in the Old Testament” which you insist invalidates the New Testament on every level. “G-d doesn’t ever mention Jesus in Tanach,” you proudly proclaim, “and therefore, Jesus is a myth.” (Well, God never mentioned cell phones or computers, either, but here you are, USING them to graze your way through the 'net to pick up your latest ideas about God and the Bible...)

Okay, fine and dandy. So far so good. But THEN you go on to admit that, as a Christian you never really bothered with the “Old Testament” because that was “just for the Jews” and absolutely NONE of it pertained to Christians.

You even admit that your only exposure to the “OT” was on Sunday morning when the pastor told the congregation to open their Bibles to a certain OT passage before returning to his fluffy, feel-good sermon that served only to tickle ears and never once mentioned obedience to God’s Divine Rules. (After all, that was “just for the Jews"...)

You admit you were all into “Jesus” and the “New Testament” for decades before joining Facebook, where – while cruising around for something you might be interested in - you happened to bump into some Jesus-rejecters who showed you the “TRUTH of Torah!”

So you hung out with these people, started doing some Torah studies and began filling your mind with their myriad anti-Jesus and anti-Paul comments peppered with twisted ideas about what they actually said or taught; and, BAM! … Just like that, you came to the conclusion that Yeshua and the NT were myths. You decided that God couldn't POSSIBLY have a "rest of the story."

WOW! In other words, you admit you were basically brain dead for decades while warming the pews; and now since you FINALLY skimmed your way through BOTH Testaments, you’ve suddenly become a “Bible expert,” thanks to all the Facebook posts you’ve read by others - many of whom had never actually READ or STUDIED the entire Bible, either, until they met some “counter-missionaries” who helped “open their eyes” to "Truth" according to THEIR understanding....

And now you ALL sit around “bashing Jesus” together and insisting you’ve “studied it out for yourselves”; and will rabidly tear to pieces anyone who attempts to remind you that you just MIGHT be mistaken … that it is possible that you MIGHT have MISUNDERSTOOD Scripture, and that ALL you have really managed to do by DIVIDING the Word and bashing what you learned in the first place as a Christian, was to exchange one “religion” for another….

Truth is, you haven’t got it together at all. You didn't understand the Word when you were a Christian (or Hebrew Rooter, or whatever), and you don't really understand it now, because for you, it's ALWAYS been "either, or." You’re still the same BLIND person you always were.

You just managed to find some new interests and outlets that tickled the carnal drive in you to feel “important” by surrounding yourself with like-minded people with "new" ideas and concepts. In other words, you’re simply using YHWH and His Torah, NOT to build and grow yourself for Him; but, rather, as a tool to validate yourself and boost your ego. It's all about YOU!

Soooo - since you're convinced your "religion-hopping" was a marvelous idea - good luck to you in your new endeavors!

One word of caution, though, because there's something you should be aware of: In my 20 years of countering the "Jesus rejecters," I have seen time and time again that they can't let him go. He is pretty much ALL they ever talk about! Sure, they mention Torah, too - but only when they want to use it to BASH JESUS!

Will you do the same? Or will you rise above the fray to REALLY take a look around and see what's actually going on in their camps?

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