Friday, February 16, 2018

Is "see-something-say-something" really the answer?

You've all heard of "swatting" - where crazies make bogus calls to 9-1-1 causing SWAT teams to deploy to the homes of innocent people for the sheer thrill of knowing they've wreaked havoc on someone. (It's basically the same as pyromaniacs setting a fire and then calling the fire department, just to watch them scramble.)

Well, I personally believe that is what's gong to happen with the "see-something-say-something" movement. Why? Because the US is going to do what it always does: Instead of using common sense addressing issues such as the endless school shooting dilemma, we are going to become hyper-vigilant and abuse "see-something-say-something" to the point where the 9-1-1 system will be constantly overwhelmed, law enforcement will be obligated to respond, and those accused will be be picked up and forced into psychiatric evaluation.

Our civil liberties will ultimately fall apart because of the hyper-vigilance; and bogus calls by thrill-seeking lunatics will end up ruining many lives...

Humans tend to not use any common sense when it comes to "hot-button" issues. We always swing from one end of the pendulum to the other, totally ignoring the common-sense, "middle-of-the-road" approach.

I personally don't see any answers, except for Yeshua to return to put a stop to mankind's nonsense, do you?


  1. While I am Canadian, have family down in the US and also lived there for a short time. I believe President Trump is trying to do the right things.
    Only Elohim can give him the strength, power and wisdom to do this.
    While drawing His people back to Him may YHWH continue to bless and protect Israel, amein.

    1. Right on, Anna! Thanks for taking the time to post!


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