Saturday, February 10, 2018

Counter-missionaries love to downplay the “golden calf” issue by “tweaking” the passage

COUNTER-MISSIONARY COMMENT:  "Messianic" and "study" is an oxymoron!

RESPONSE: It isn’t more of an oxymoron than the words “Jewish” and “study.” Both sides are coming from their own understanding, yet counter-missionaries seem driven to make fun of anything we say, think or do. One cannot even enter into proper discussion with counter-missionaries because they’re only interested in their own opinions and self-proclaimed “knowledge” (which they’ll use to verbally pound you to pieces).

Most of them will absolutely NOT bother to read what you’ve written in your response, much less respond to it; they simply keep on pounding you with their “knowledge” - often while berating you or resorting to name calling, in the process...or just constantly making statements like, "You're wrong" or "Don't try to those NT verses on me because I consider the NT to be a myth!". "Being berated" by counter-missionaries can get very tiring, and that is why we have banned many of them from this page....

Here is a true story of how some Jewish counter-missionaries twist Scripture to make people believe THEY have all the "right" answers."

A couple years ago I encountered some counter-missionaries who arrogantly insisted they – unlike me - have a personal relationship with God which began with the patriarchs “because God spoke directly to 3 million” of their ancestors at Sinai. One woman told me: “We don’t believe because of some stories we have heard or some book we have read. We believe because our own fathers were there, witnessed Him and have passed the information to us from one generation to the next. Praying to or ‘through’ Jesus was not a spiritual experience known to our ancestors at Mount Sinai – hence it is obviously idolatry.”

Well, okay. However - Scripture also tells us that more than 500 people saw Yeshua after His death, including Peter, Paul and all the Apostles! (See 1 Corinthians 15:6.) Granted, that’s far fewer than the 3 million at Mt. Sinai, but hey – eye witnesses are eye witnesses – and (sorry but I have to say this!) at least the ones who saw Yeshua weren’t busy building a golden calf to worship behind his back. You wanna talk about idolatry?

This same person tried to downplay the golden calf issue by suggesting the people who participated in making the golden calf were not GOD’s people doing these things; rather, it was the “non-Jews” who followed Moses out of Egypt….Why did she say that? Because in Exodus 32:7-8 God said to Moshe “Go, descend to YOUR people that YOU (Moses) have brought up from Egypt….” In other words, God didn’t at that point, refer to them as MY people.….

Sounds convincing, doesn’t it? Well, if you will read the REST of that passage you’ll discover something very interesting: Moshe’s brother, Aaron, the High Priest – who, like Moshe, was a LEVITE – was instrumental in the building of that golden calf! As a matter of fact, he ORCHESTRATED it and then tried to downplay it when confronted by Moshe! Please read all of Exodus 32 to see exactly what happened, so you can recognize this BLATANT attempt at Scripture twisting….

NOTE TO COUNTER-MISSIONARIES: If you’re going to accuse someone’s faith of being “oxymoronic” then perhaps you should make sure you properly know your own, first.

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  1. I love when I hear them downplay Aaron's involvement by saying he did not actually make the golden calf, he threw the gold into the fire and viola!, it came up from the fire "fully formed." And he only did this to appease the mixed multitude for fear of his life. The Jewish people were off to the side completely innocent.
    I can only laugh when I hear this, and I've heard and read it in Stone's Chumash, many times. No where does it say any of that in the chapter of the sin of the golden calf. They have other similar explainations for anytime Scripture points out a foible or misstep of the patriarchs or others in the Torah. Somehow they find ways to teach that they were innocent of stated iniquity, it is always some goyim that caused the problem. Or they say Ruben only "moved" his mother's bed back into Yakov's tent out of respect to his mother's memory, he never would be guilty of laying with his father's wife...drives me nuts!


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