Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sometimes WE are our own worst enemy….

I've been thinking a lot about some of my Facebook brethren who are forever undergoing trials and tribulations, and are constantly asking for prayer and/or money because they simply cannot seem to escape “hard times.” Peering into their lives from my “outside-looking-in” vantage point, it’s usually clear to me that they often cause their own problems - mainly because they love to "talk the talk" but don't ever bother "walking the walk."

Unfortunately, you risk unleashing World War III if you attempt to tell them THEY are at fault! Oh no - it's never "them" - it's "the government" or their mother-in-law, or their history as an abused child that's to blame; it's never their own fault ...never mind that they CHOOSE to overlook YHWH's Divine Instructions as they (pick one): continue to CHOOSE to make filthy language a daily habit, hang out in bars and drink too much, spend all their money on “wants” instead of “needs”, are living in sexual sin, or are forever berating their spouse or kids and generally stirring up strife within the family unit, etc.

They'll make excuses until the cows come home, using all kinds of verbal bombs to lop at you, including my favorite: “Well, you don’t know my situation, and you’d best walk a mile in my shoes so you could REALLY see what’s going on!” (Hmmm, well, I am going by what I see you posting, which reveals that you’re living a carnal lifestyle and I’m trying to be a good friend by keeping you from falling off that upcoming cliff…You can either heed my warning, or you can view me as an enemy for trying. It's your choice, bubba! (Ezekiel 33.))

Anyway, these "talk the talk but don't ask me to walk the walk" people sit around on Facebook to talk about God and the Bible, but when that proverbial “rubber meets the road,” they'll balk and quickly backtrack and make endless excuses and begin picking and choosing which scriptures to bother with, because their carnal side will overtake all reason as they attempt to force YHWH into doing their own desires.

“God knows my heart and He knows what I’m going through. I totally trust Him to get me out of this!” (Yes, genius…but did it also ever occur to you that He allows us the FREE WILL to get ourselves INTO messes, because He wants us to LEARN TO HEED HIS WORD instead of our carnal natures? Have you ever read the Torah that shows why His people ended up in the wilderness for 40 YEARS instead of the original 4 (see Numbers 14:2-35) so they could finally learn to trust in Him by doing things HIS way? How many more messes are you going to put yourself into before you begin to realize YOU ARE OFF THE PATH?)

...The thing is, those who are habitually and perpetually in trouble (physical, financial, or otherwise) clearly don't realize the implication of Proverbs 28:9 which says, "If a person will not listen to Torah, even his prayer is an abomination." And what does Torah do for us? It reveals HOW we are to live a holy, set apart life!

Oh, how I wish more people would begin to realize that!


  1. Other examples include the types who talk they are Christian and attend Church but accept the evolutionary views (Darwinism and Millions of Years). Somehow they accept the lies of Satan without even knowing it but are blind to accepting and finding Peace, Equality, Truth and Righteousness.

    1. You're so right, Kevin! Some folks think nothing of mixing theologies. That's one thing the Baptist pastor who "led me to the Lord" got across to me: You either believe ALL the Bible, or none of it. You can't add or subtract. Everything mankind needs to know about God and His Will is IN the Bible!

    2. Let's not forget the "Jesus did it all" types who focus solely on what "Jesus" did yet are perplexed when they're told Y'shua is the True Name of Mashiyach and He actually observed and kept the Torah.

    3. Oh, yeah, ain't THAT the Truth!!!


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