Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Funny meme speaks volumes!


While this meme is funny, it actually depicts the relationship some have with their Bible. They never actually read it; they just like to talk about it. Some have never read the Bible from cover to cover, yet they love to discuss and debate it - and they become belligerent when challenged about their opinions on Scripture.

Others may have read it once, many years ago, and what they read has long since faded; and most of their knowledge today about Scripture comes from what they see others post on Facebook.

My question is: HOW can one know God or His Word if they're never actually IN the Word?


  1. There are people out there who "say" they attend church or "talk about" attending church but scorn the Bible as well as those who view it as genuine, authentic, literal and God-inspired.

  2. And there are some people 'who say they attend chruch'- that only listen and read what the pastors says on 'Sunday', and trust only pastor's interpretation, they neglect reading purely for themselves- to discern truth, and get peace from our Father. Some believe that G_D only speaks through Pastor's. There where times i got hurt feelings, I tried to share the truth I learned - to undo the lies I was taught, but I'm told "don't you think Pastors pray about it - which implies to me they don't think I'm led in the right direction.
    A time past, I too was weak in knowing Him, his Word. I let myself be impressed by others who knew the Word- scripture memorized. It's easy to follow, but I started to feel uneasy about the dependency on people, then I knew that it's about me and commitment to learn His ways. I thank Yahweh- for my 'one way ticket'.

  3. Amein, Anonymous! We are SO glad to know that you finally listened to that "small, still voice" and decided to obey and read Scripture for yourself!


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