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Email exchange with a pastor who is upset over the “woman teacher” here at The Refiner’s Fire

Every once in awhile I receive an email from some man who is offended that I am a woman teacher, and attempts to prove using misapplied scriptures, that I'm sinning. Well, this latest was from a former Baptist pastor (Torah observant "since 2012). Rather than to post the whole exchange, I'll just post for you my response to him. It gets really tiring to have to constantly deal with narrow-minded men who find their way to Torah, yet continue to hang onto their former "denomination's" theology and misinterpretation of Scripture....

Here's my email:

Okay, well, that's just as I thought, Daryl: You're new to Torah, having been mired in "religion" for most of your life, and "whole Truth" didn't occur to you until recently. Yet, in your heart, you're still a Baptist, feeling the need to correct me - when, what you are in essence doing, is not so much "correcting" me, but attempting to thwart YHWH's will for me. After all, Scripture tells us we are "one in Messiah" (Ephesians 2:11-13, Galatians 3:27-29, Romans 12:5), where there is no Jew or Gentile, male or female, slave or free….

I sent you one of my articles on this subject, but you clearly haven't read it, or else you wouldn't keep trying to shove 1 Corinthians 14:33-37 down my throat. This is evidence that, no matter what biblical proof I can present, and no matter what I say, you will continue to remain in your present belief. Therefore, I'm going to put my FINAL explanation in simpler terms:

First - I truly appreciate your concern, but honestly, you can send me Bible verses from now until Doomsday, and it won't change the fact that I KNOW I was chosen by YHWH to teach the TRUTH of YHWH/Yeshua/Torah. NOBODY will ever take that away from me, including you. My husband, my covering, the love of my life (right beneath my ELOHIM) is fine with me teaching - and that's all that matters.

You see, I don't have a congregation and people are free to take my teachings or leave them. That doesn't change the fact that my spiritual gifts are 100 percent "discernment" and "teaching." Your attempt to douse those gifts - simply because you have a hang-up about women teaching - is an absolute kick in YHWH's Face.

Let's be honest here: MEN, haven’t exactly been doing a great a job at teaching and promoting YHWH's TRUTH, and that's why the world consists of many religions and denominations, and why it is in the horrific shape it's in right now. Like I said before, even Adam - who obviously had some kind of "personal relationship" with God - wasn't "man enough" to adhere to YHWH's divine Instructions, by keeping Eve from messing with the "fruit"…..

In response to this, you wrote: "As far as Adam and Eve goes, considering that Eve was the only woman on earth, so then it's true that Yahweh was speaking to her alone. However, is the mother of all living, so Yahweh was speaking to all women. If she had been faithful, like Sarah was to Abraham, then a faithful woman would be called the daughter of Eve rather than the daughter of Sarah. (1 Peter 3:5-6)"

Well, Daryl, the "if she had been faithful" thing goes both ways, and when you read the rest of the Bible and look around you today at what MAN has done, you will surely see that YHWH hasn't been happy with MAN since the very beginning!

I challenge you to re-read Genesis 2 to see exactly whom YHWH gave His instructions to, and then, compare it with Genesis 3:17, which says: "To Adam he said, "Because you listened to what your wife said and ate from the tree about which I gave you the order, 'You are not to eat from it,' the ground is cursed on your account; you will work hard to eat from it as long as you live."

Men AND women have been disobedient since the very beginning, and because MEN (the heads of our households and congregations) keep failing and floundering, they have continuously managed to lead the entire world AWAY from YHWH's Divine Instructions, into ruin! This may be why YHWH uses some women in these end times we're in. Please re-read Judges 4 which tells us why YHWH made a WOMAN judge over ALL Israel, which included men….

Not that I have to justify myself to you, but since you felt the need to let me know, in no uncertain terms that I'm supposedly sinning, I'm going to tell you why I feel I was chosen by YHWH to teach:

I was born Jewish through my mother, near the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp right after WWII - but due to circumstances, I was not raised in the faith, nor any other faith, for that matter, and it took me 44 years to finally "come to Christ." Once I did, I finally began to realize that He had been with me all along, and done all sorts of things throughout my life to get my attention, including putting me in a three-week coma at age 21, where I "saw Jesus," who caused me to come out of the coma WITH the knowledge that I had "something to do" for God.

In 1991, He kept the enemy from killing me in a high-speed auto accident on the freeway (how ANYONE in both cars involved remained totally unhurt is beyond me!), and He had His hand on me during all 27 surgeries I've had to endure in my lifetime. He gave me a vision once (just before I "got saved" in January 1995), wherein I felt "held in His arms" while He told me that He had allowed me to go through all the horrific experiences in my life, because He planned on using them for His Glory. (I had NO clue at the time what that meant, but I certainly do now! I did, however, recognize that this vision was a continuation of the coma experience….)

Since then, as a survivor of sexual abuse that started in babyhood, He has used me to help victims of sexual abuse to heal, all while giving Him ALL the Glory because EVERYTHING in life is ALL ABOUT HIM! Halleluyah!

And yet, YOU wish to take all this away from me, simply because I'm a woman….

Well, Daryl, I'm here to say, unlike you and most others mired in religion and religiosity, the Ruach caused me (a "mere woman") to immediately recognize "something was wrong with church teachings." And, unlike you, within 3 ½ years after I "got saved," I was Torah observant - and knew I HAD to share HIS Truth with the world! THAT is just a small part as to how I know I am definitely on YHWH's Path.

You see, I noticed that my Baptist pastor (obviously a MAN) would - whenever I had a question (such as, "Since we're all ONE in Christ, how come WE aren't keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath and the Feasts?") - ALWAYS send me to the writings of Paul, which were confusing to my "babe in Christ" mind at the time.

After a few months, I began to wonder why my very learned and well-meaning Baptist pastor - who seemed to lean more on the misunderstood teachings of Paul, than on the commands of YHWH and the teachings of His Divine Son - had never realized (1) PAUL wasn't God, nor did he have a divine nature as did Yeshua; and (2) that the Apostle Paul actually NEVER, EVER taught against Torah! Back then, I didn't know how to respond or refute what the pastor was trying to tell me - but I certainly do now!

All I knew for sure at the time, was that "the church" seemed to be based on what PAUL said. And, somehow, they missed that Paul ALSO said: Romans 3:31 - Do we then nullify the Law through faith? May it never be! On the contrary, we establish the Law....

The "law" of course, was a reference to Torah - YHWH's original Divine Teachings without which we would have NO blueprint for moral, holy living!

A year after I "got saved," the Holy Spirit caused me to sell everything I owned, including my house, and to move to Colorado where I eventually found my way into a Messianic Torah study - where I suddenly found the truth of the WHOLE Bible. It was like "getting saved" all over again! But even there, I quickly discovered that whatever MEN taught ALWAYS ended up being diluted in their respective interpretation, fueled by whichever Christian denomination they hailed from….

So, here's the thing, Daryl: Before writing to tell someone else to douse their SPIRITUAL GIFT, you really ought to ask yourself whether or not YOU are chosen to preach and teach because, from the one and only teaching of yours I've seen online (specifically your "rapture 2015" article), you've got some serious false philosophies that don't line up with Scripture….

I do wish you well, and this will be my final correspondence because I have a ministry to run.


  1. WOW Shali... what an amazing witness! YHWH is great! Women are natural teachers and nurturers, by God's Design.

    The Emperor Constantine made Sabbath Day worship illegal; he declared Sunday to be the official day of worship. Christians were being persecuted by Jews and he took it upon himself to defy God's Holy Commandment.

    1. Thanks, Anonymous! You're right - people such as Constatined and Tertullian were directly responsible for twisting YHWH's Word and the things Yeshua taught.

      The thing is, we can WORSHIP any day we want; but the Seventh Day has always been YHWH's commanded day of REST....

    2. Our Baptist pastor (His dad & bros r all pastors) actually said "frm the pulpit," that Easter is the church's equivalent to "the (Jewish) Passover. And over the years I hv shared the truth with him about Easter, and he is aware that it is an astrological date = to the first Sunday after the first full moon that follows the vernal equinox. Predictably, our family does not attend Easter service. Personally I think he's afraid to break with tradition. He graduated frm a Christan college as did his bros & dad before him. And if any of these pastors were to actually STUDY Torah, realize the Truth, and "stray" away frm Christian dogma - then they would become an outsider. Tks fer being real.

    3. You hit the nail on the head, taitaikauai: TRADITION! Pastors will lose those tithes if they decided to share God's TRUTH!

  2. Hi Shali,

    A question regarding this quote from your website: "While John was on the Isle of Patmos he testified "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day" (Rev. 1:10). This is the first place in the Bible that we have the expression "Lord's Day."

    Did not Yeshua say (in Mark 2:28) that He IS Lord of the Sabbath? Does that not mean that His day (the Lords Day) IS the Sabbath? Certainly not Sunday, for such is never expressed in Scripture as far as I know.

  3. Yes, Anonymous, you've quoted from our article at, which is itself a quote by a Christian attempting to justify the "Sun-day" change of the observed Sabbath. Of course the whole idea is nonsense, an intentional diversion from "anything Jewish" used to justify the teachings of the "Church". While our article explains how the text of Revelation 1:10 was altered from its original Aramaic meaning "day of our Master YHWH" to the "Lord's Day" of which Christians assume means "Sunday", you've made a very good point.

    The author, John (whether the Apostle,or another person, a prophet), clearly knew well the teachings of the Messiah Yeshua. So if this "John" knew Yeshua personally, or if this "John" had simply been well-schooled by the apostles, it does seem very clear that he would know Yehsua had said "the Son of man is also the master of the Shabbat" as you stated! And since Shabbat, the 7th day, would have been revered by John, your connection that the (bad translation) "Lord's Day" (properly "day of our Master YHWH"), would have indeed been the Shabbat and could not have been referring to "Sunday".

    Thanks for your comment.


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