Friday, September 2, 2016

On Colin Kaepernick and his "pig socks" and protests....

Referencing the bone-headed antics of football playerColin Kaepernick:

I don't care WHAT Kaepernick’s reasoning is for wearing those demeaning socks depicting cops as pigs, or trying to make a statement about cops killing blacks (blacks - most often caught in the process of committing crimes)!  In my humble opinion, anyone who refuses to stand for our National Anthem and disrespects our flag (after all, flags represent countries, and people are expected to respect their own country, and to pay respect to those who have defended and/or lost their lives for those countries) should drape himself in one of those “pig socks” AND be kicked off the team – the one that’s paying him millions to simply PLAY A GAME in the country he is representing. 

I would also suggest Kaepernick move to Syria and spend some time under Assad's regime where he would have NO “rights” to even open his big mouth! Perhaps that would help refocus his megalomaniac attention from himself, and make him realize that not standing for the American flag or the National Anthem is NOT the way to protest cops killing black thugs during their commission of crimes!

I don’t see Colin Kaepernick protesting destructive actions such as the endless black-on-black violence in Chicago where innocents are being killed every day in cowardly “drive-by” shootings.  And I don’t see him protesting the adulation of black thugs who were killed WHILE COMMITTING A CRIME via the “Black Lives Matter” riots which suggest that blacks SHOULD be allowed to commit crimes AND be left alone to do it (after all, it’s easier than getting a job, isn’t it?)  Why doesn’t Kaepernick protest the idea of thousands turning a black criminal into a hero by attending their funeral just because they assumed they were shot by some trigger-happy cop during the commission of their crime?  (Chances are great that, if they hadn’t committed the crime, in the first place, and then mouthed off or tried to outwit/outrun the cops, they would still be alive….)

(It’s a terrible thing whenever ANYONE is killed, black or white, but it is an abomination to make a hero of some thug who just robbed a convenience store, bullied the manager, and then smarted off to police who were trying to get him out of the middle of the street to question him!  That person is not a “hero” – he is a criminal who needed his butt kicked!  Instead of lamenting people  killed during the commission of a crime, how about putting yourself in the shoes of the cops who are constantly forced to deal with smart alecks and criminals who, rather than to cooperate, stand there and argue and mouth off, or try to run?  The cops are not the "bad guys" - the criminals are! [And yes, I understand there are some "bad" cops, but lets stop pretending they are ALL bad, just because Kaepernick has a problem with them!])

If Kaepernick really wanted to do something constructive, he would protest how many children, in general (not just black children), are being raised WITHOUT proper work ethics or morals or integrity, or being instilled with the knowledge of “right and wrong” and “good and bad!” Why doesn’t he protest the idea that many children grow up without ANY parental guidance and are never taught to respect their parents and authority figures – who would thus know that, when approached by a cop, they are to stand still and keep their mouths shut not argue and mouth off about their “rights”, most often in a feeble attempt to cover-up their own misdeed.  (When someone is caught committing a CRIME, they have NO RIGHTS!  The ONLY “right” they have at that point is to shut up and deal with the fact that they got caught, and prepare to expect some consequences.) 

If Kaepernick truly wanted to make a statement, he would figure out other ways to handle it besides wearing “pig socks” and refusing to stand for the National Anthem in a country responsible for paying him millions to play football – not to use his public platform to “make statements.”

Racial tension in the US isn’t only mounting because of cops killing black criminals; it is mounting because of STUPID and godless behavior on many fronts in a country where laziness, "entitlement" and personal opinions of the uneducated or ignorant reign supreme.  (And I am NOT just referring to blacks as there are plenty of whites and Hispanics, etc. who are contributing to the downfall of America....)

The ONLY ONE who can put an end to all the nonsense is Yeshua. May he return SOON!


  1. This is Sandy, I think it's really well put, keep the important thing, the important thing!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! I honestly wish more ballplayers would use their notoriety for something constructive. Just think what all Colin could accomplish with his millions. Who better to reach the black community than a black guy who truly feels for his fellow man and wants to make positive changes in the communities? Refusing to stand for the National Anthem and wearing those "cops are pigs" socks to make a statement is not the way to make friends and influence people!

      Yes, there are bad cops, but most are good and they are faced with danger every single day. The problem isn't the cops, it's the criminals. If one isn't out there robbing or participating in "drive-by shootings, or getting into trouble, then they wouldn't risk getting killed.

  2. Shali, we definitely live in a distorted, skewed, and twisted world (Romans 1:18-32). I too believe Y'shua will put an end to all nonsense at His Return.

  3. Kaepernick didn't understand what is the real meaning of freedom in which a lot of people still searching for today. He should be sent to Aleppo to see what the difference of freedom that he has now compare to those who have none. Thousand if not Millions of Americans already died to gain their freedom and to not stand for National anthem is a disgrace like the spoiled brat like Kaepernick. I hope that what Kaepernick stand's for will give him a choice to choose what is righteous but it seems like that is way off right now, let's pray for this guy that someday his eyes will be opened for the real truth that he is looking for.


  4. I'm utterly devastated to read this hateful diatribe in what I thought was a godly blog. I would have thought your understanding of God and his justice and love would lead you to compassion for a people group who have been systematically oppressed by our greedy country since they were stolen from their homeland to be its slaves.

    I highly suggest you research into the different claims made by Mr. Kaepernick as the reasons for his protest. I suggest you watch the documentary '13th' which is now on Netflix as an intro to your research. 'The New Jim Crow' by Michelle Alexander is a great book also.

    I think this lack of desire to understand the hurt that the black community have suffered in the US is deep sin. We are in sin to engage in and benefit from communities which oppress others, and we especially sin when we don't seek to love them as we love ourselves. Please seek to educate yourself before you allow yourself to judge another's actions.

    1. Thanks for your comments, but we ARE educated, and this IS a “godly blog” and it’s nice to know you read our blog, because you’ve never bothered commenting until now. The thing is, truth hurts and most people don’t want to hear it – and what I wrote is turth. Our country has become a den of iniquity where “good” is now viewed as “bad” and vice-versa. Everything God hates is now being lauded as “normal”….

      Blacks committing crimes and being turned into heroes seems to have become the norm today, making it look as though Blacks are angry that their criminal friends are being caught in the act and killed. Instead of “protesting” their own kind to STOP committing crimes, they are protesting the fact that they’re being killed (usually while being UNCOOPERATIVE with the police. And yet somehow, this is supposedly big, bad “white America” oppressing Blacks….)

      I stand by what I wrote, that there are OTHER WAYS to “protest” besides what Kaepernick and his ilk are doing.

      Furthermore, I don’t have “a lack of desire to understand the hurt that the black community have suffered in the US .” I was in the US Army for 22 years, working alongside myriad Blacks – most of whom were hard-working people who made something of themselves, got promoted, some of whom became Generals. (NOTE: They WORKED! They didn’t commit crimes because they felt it was the only way to get ahead. In America, EVERYONE can get ahead IF they are willing to take the proper steps, obey the law and WORK. The Blacks I knew in the Army didn’t sit around lamenting “where they came from”; but instead, turned their dreams into reality, got an education and worked hard to make their dreams come true.)

      Is prejudice still alive today? You bet it is! But it’s on BOTH sides, with our illustrious Black President sitting at the top (hello! - was Obama oppressed?) to fan the flames. It always amuses me to see Blacks make the comments that they are “a people group who have been systematically oppressed by our greedy country since they were stolen from their homeland to be its slaves.”

      Well, you know what? There are no Blacks alive today who were “stolen from their homeland.” YES, Blacks were oppressed and severely abused at first, but then they were freed and have come a LONG way to do with their lives what they wish. But, like many Muslims – who are NOT all “terrorists” just because they’re Muslim - actions speak louder than words. Muslims are committing terrorist acts, torturing and beheading people, and generally holding the whole world hostage. Consequently, people tend to be afraid of Muslims because you never know whether or not the “Middle Eastern-looking guy” standing next to you is going to KILL you.

      The point I’m trying to make is, we see many Blacks committing crimes, and then being turned into heroes and victims because they end up dead…and “protests” turning into riots and lootings because Blacks are angry BECAUSE they WANT the police to leave their criminals alone. That is simply wrong, and people need to start getting a grip and realizing that, black or white or yellow or red, laws are meant to be followed by ALL. That is NOT “oppression.”

    2. And Lygia, by the way, I, too, understand "oppression." Born and raised in Germany, I am Jewish by birth and, when my mother married an American soldier back in the Sixties, I was thrust into the American school system where I was not only teased because of my big "Jewish" nose and my German accent, but I was also called a Nazi (because the little dimwits in the Fourth Grade at the time watched "Combat" on TV and automatically thought that everyone from Germany was a Nazi.

      Over the course of my life I've had three "nose jobs" and a chin implant in hopes of getting rid of my "Jewish nose" ... and I've dyed my dark, kinky-curly hair into oblivion, just so I could "fit in" better. I also worked hard to lose my German accent.

      The bottom line was, I became successful in spite of all this. I never whined about being forcefully taken out of my motherland and planted in a place I didn't really want to be. When I graduated from high school, I joined the Army where I ultimately made it to the top enlisted rank as a journalist. It took me 20 years of nigh school to get a four-year college degree, but I did it. It didn't "fall into my lap"; I WORKED for everything I have today.

      Success CAN be attained in the USA, no matter who we are!

      Blessings to you and yours, and thanks again for writing.

  5. I agree that there are much better ways to peacefully protest and I in no way condone his method...I think it's disrespectful to our men and women in uniform (thank you for your service, by the way). I also dont speak out in support of criminals because I don't believe in committing crimes, and I'm very upset about any murders committed by anyone regardless of race or ethnicity. I am also very concerned about peaceful, law abiding citizens being shot by some the very people who have sworn to serve and protect us. I'm sure most shootings by police are justified, but all are not, such as that social worker who, when trying to help a mentally ill patient, was approached by officers and then layed on the ground with his hands in the air only to be shot for no reason (the officer said he didn't know why he shot the man), or the man who followed the instructions of the officer who kept alternating between telling him to put his hands in the air and to get to his license/registration...and then shot the man for doing exactly as instructed and lied and said that the man wasn't complying. Fortunately these incidents were caught on camera so it was clear that the person who was shot didn't do anything wrong. But when I hear of a shooting that was not caught on camera and the person who was shot was not a criminal but the officer states that the man wasn't complying then I always have to wonder if the officer is telling the truth or lying to save himself from punishment. Again, I don't think all or even most officers are like that...I believe most are good and I've been helped by some good officers too for which I am very greatfull! But I can't help but be afraid for my dad or brother that they might get pulled over one day and get shot or killed for no apparent reason (I know without a doubt that they would comply and they are the furthest from criminals you'll ever find). I'm not as concerned about them getting shot in a drive by shooting because they don't visit those kinds of neighborhoods. And I suppose any of us could get shot at the mall by one of those psychopaths who had a bad day, so all I can do is pray, but I just wanted to offer a different perspective (without violence or disrespecting soldiers) on why some people might be concerned. I hope this makes sense!

    1. Shana, I totally hear you. Our country is in a huge mess, and honestly, I doubt it will get any better. That snowball is headed downhill and gaining speed.


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