Thursday, September 29, 2016

Telling it like it is: Police don't come around unless you're posing a threat!

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm really bothered and saddened by this little girl's testimony. They put this poor, innocent little girl (who, at 9 years old doesn't have the slightest clue as to what's really happening) in the limelight to voice her opinion that the police is all bad and are purposely going around killing innocent and "unarmed" blacks.

Her parents apparently didn't tell her that police don't come around or send squad cars out UNLESS there's a threat of some kind; or that, while there are certainly "trigger-happy" cops in tense situations where there is a THREAT of some kind, there would be fewer shootings IF people wouldn't (1) commit crimes in the first place - thus providing the THREAT that brings cops to the scene; and (2) they decided to cooperate with the police once they're caught INSTEAD of mouthing off and arguing and even taking a "shooting stance" and generally being uncooperative!

(Notice how quickly everyone whips out their cellphone to get the whole thing on video to "catch the bad cop" - yelling at the cops and generally interfering. It's as if everyone is out to "catch the cops" these days, instead of getting criminals to stop their despicable behavior! And then they "protest" - which is a code word for RIOT - in the streets; thus committing CRIMES themselves - and then they make a big deal out of attending the thugs' funerals to make heroes out of them.)

Something is severely WRONG in this country; we are godless and totally out of control! And the liberal media and their one-sided, anti-law enforcement reporting is fanning the flames. We are literally watching the Books of Daniel and Revelation unfolding. Everything YHWH considers "bad" is considered "good" by the world; and everything He considers "good" is considered "bad"....
2 Timothy 3: 1. But know this: That in the latter days hard times will come:  2. and men will be lovers of themselves and lovers of money, boasters, proud, revilers, unyielding towards their own people, deniers of grace, wicked,  3. unloving, addicted to irreconcilable malicious gossips, ferocious, haters of the good,  4. treacherous, rash, inflated, attached to pleasure more than to the love of Elohim,  5. having a form of respect for Elohim but wide from the power of Elohim. Them who are such, repel from you.  6. For of them are they who creep into this and that house and captivate the women who are plunged in sins and led away by divers lusts,  7. who are always learning, and can never come to the knowledge of the truth. (AENT)


  1. Shali, everyday there are a few portions of Scripture that I am reminded of: Mattithyahu 24, Romans 1 and 2 Kepha 3. These verses (as well as the one in today's post) exactly describe modern day events and conditions.


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