Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ever noticed how God answers us in HIS timing?

Have you ever noticed how YHWH answers us in HIS timing?  I have a little testimony about how I ended up where I am today  – and it’s all about my willingness to, as a “baby Christian”, obey HIS Will to sell everything I owned and move from a small town in Missouri to Colorado Springs – a place I NEVER wanted to see again because of my horrific childhood memories.    But after months  of being harassed by the Ruach (back in 1996) I decided I would pack up and move once my house was sold….Since God was prompting me, things would surely go smoothly!

Well, it so happened that I had managed to sell all my furniture and most of my belongings just in time for the “closing” and  I slept on the floor with my dog that last night, knowing that by this time tomorrow, I would be almost at my destination (800 miles away).

So, you can imagine my disappointment when I got a call from my realtor, JoAnn,  approximately an hour before the “closing”, telling me that the deal fell through – because the young couple who was buying my house “wasn’t qualified.”   “What do you mean they ‘weren’t qualified,’” I cried.  “Isn’t that the first thing you check when someone wants to buy a house?”  Well, she hemmed and  hawed and admitted she had made a huge mistake  -  and I gave her an earful about how I now had no bed, no table or chairs, no nothing, and after today, my utilities would all be cut off, and this whole thing had put me in a huge bind….After all, this was just a little hick town with people hardly ever moving in or out,  and God only knew how long my house would be on the market.  I really wasn’t in a financial position to start all over again in a place I was trying to leave!

Well, to make that proverbial long story short, she promised to find me a renter, and urged me to leave because she would “take care of everything.”    Yeah, right!  I had no clue what headaches awaited me and I truly learned my lesson the hard about trusting realtors …. JoAnn kept her promise when she found me a renter - a woman who was involved in a nasty divorce – but as the months passed, she couldn’t find anyone else who was interested in buying my house,  and I was starting to panic, because I did NOT want to be a long-distance landlord!   Well, so I listed the house with another realtor, and that one had all kinds of people interested - but my renter decided she wasn’t letting anyone in!   She changed the locks and kept the blinds closed so people couldn’t even look into the windows!

No amount of begging and cajoling helped.  The renter didn’t answer my letters, and she wouldn’t answer her phone.  I couldn’t contact her, and neither could anyone else – not even the postman trying to deliver certified letters demanding she vacate the premises.  She kept paying her rent, so I had no legal grounds to evict her.  It was a mess!

And so I was stuck, not knowing what to do.   By now, I was at my wit’s end and didn’t know what the outcome would be.   All I can could was to pray for YHWH to hear my pleas to get me out from under this burden (and by now, I was even thinking I must have “heard God wrong” because if He really had been in this, things would SURELY have gone a lot smoother for me!).  Well, I was in CO for a whole year, calling my renter every once in awhile to ask if she would PLEASE allow realtors to show the place – but she remained adamant that she was NOT moving and there was nothing I could do about it.  (I would have returned to MO to settle it personally, but I simply didn’t have the funds to get back and forth.)

So, my year’s lease with the place I had rented in CO was about up, and  I was beside myself, struggling to make ends meet and even considering returning to MO because it seemed NOTHING was happening here for me, anyway – I hadn’t been able to find a decent job, much less, make new friends.  I was miserable!  But then, quite out of the blue,, EVERYTHING turned around!  The owner of the Colorado Springs and Pueblo Business Journals called to inform me that he had chosen me for the associate editor position; and a day or two later, I received a phone call from my new realtor in MO who had some news that truly “blew me away!” 

“Girl, you won’t believe this," she said, "but this young couple walked into my office and said they wanted the house, even though I had mentioned to them over the phone that the present occupant wasn’t allowing anyone inside … And YES, they’ve already been pre-qualified, AND they’re offering $2,000 above the asking price!”   Truly, someone “coulda knocked me over" with that proverbial feather!   I received a total of $4,000, which was much more than I had anticipated (or would have received in the original sale); AND, it was EXACTLY the amount I needed to put down on a little townhouse I had had my eye on!

Eventually, I figured out that I DID “hear God right” when He urged me to move to Colorado Springs  – because, thanks to my willingness to OBEY and to move there (even though ever fiber in my being fought against it), YHWH ended up causing me to find my way to a Torah study (Halleluyah!!!) which ultimately caused me to find my way to a Messianic synagogue.   And via some amazing circumstances, He also healed me from the inside-out from my childhood sexual abuse (which took place here in Colorado, in the Sixties).   YHWH also dropped my “forever” husband,  Bill, into my lap (FINALLY – a GODLY husband!); and He ultimately caused me to start a website ministry called The Refiner’s Fire, and to write several books – all of which keep selling, even though they are “self-published.”  

It was all because I obeyed His call to pick up and move to where HE needed me to be in “just the right place at the right time” which was ultimately all in HIS timing!   What an AWESOME ELOHIM we serve!

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