Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Impenetrable Brick Wall

The Refiner's Fire "gets it" from both sides!

Christians, who are taught and can only comprehend "grace" and "Jesus paid it all", attack us for trying to show them that nothing is further from the truth!  They claim "all you have to do is 'believe'" (citing John 3:16), while failing to understand what the Messiah actually taught.  "Jesus", (who is more properly known as "Yeshua", which actually means "Yah is Salvation"), never taught that his death would somehow negate the love of and obedience to the Father through Torah, and never taught that his death was a "get out of jail free" card covering all sins, present and future!  The New Testament actually describes that His death would only atone for your sins UP TO that point that you understand and accept what His death did for you!  After that, you become obligated, (as all mankind has been from the beginning), to be true to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and to live righteously according to Torah while on earth!  Trying to teach misguided Christians to see the beauty and wisdom of the True meaning Torah and the New Testament has actually brought us threats! How dare we believe in the Torah of Yahweh! 

Jews, on the other hand, are out there simply denying that the promised Messiah might have already come and are literally trashing us for daring to believe in this mythical "Jesus" (they refuse to call Him "Yeshua"), and they will go to great lengths to deny what their own Tanakh says about the Messiah so they can stand behind their argument that He could not have possibly already come!  After all, the same New Testament scriptures which Christians misunderstand, they also misunderstand and quickly use to bolster their denial! For example, the "truth2u" Internet radio program recently has been literally making fools of themselves denying each and every scripture which Christians and even the Jewish Sages for centuries have accepted as Messianic prophecies, while naming us, as "fools" believing in "visions in clouds" or in "fairy tales"! How dare we believe in the Messiah of the Tanakh!

We are literally in the middle!

The two sides can't find REAL battles to pursue!  No! That would require resolve and courage.  Neither side is "out there" - for insanace -  defending GOD's view of love and marriage and standing firm against the world's embrace of homosexuality!  No! Instead, they attack The Refiner's Fire for our stance on the WHOLE of scripture.  They are not "out there" defending the One True God against the false god of Islam and the travesty of "ISIS"! Instead, they attack The Refiner's Fire for our stance on the WHOLE of scripture.  They are not "out there" attacking those nations who are against Israel!  Instead, they attack The Refiner's Fire ... for our stance on the WHOLE of scripture....

No.  Real-world attacks on the God of Israel don't matter.  They'd both rather attack us! To Christians, we are heretics because they think we want to "put them back under the law" (never mind they have no idea what "the law" is in the first place").  And to Jews, we are heretics because we dare see a Messiah who tried valiantly to reveal His Father's Torah to ALL, who demonstrated the meaning of everlasting life, and who gave of Himself so ALL could have that everlasting life if they only accepted the God of Israel as their God.  Instead, all they see (quite sadly) is a "human sacrifice" (clearly forbidden) and call us "idol worshipers" because they refuse to see that the Messiah did not "replace" God (as Christianity teaches) and since Christians (not us!) insist that "Jesus was God" while God Himself said to "have no other gods before Him" (Exodus 20:3)!

Here is something for both sides to ponder: To the Christians: "Jesus" was NOT God (he was divine because he had a divine nature, and he had the authority of God...but his body was human and he died).  And to the Jews: You have seriously erred in your own (mis)understanding of both the Tanakh and the Brit Chadashah in your rabid denial of the Messiah!

Could I ask something of both sides?  Please? Can we PLEASE start tearing down the brick wall?  Can we please cast aside our pride and start looking at Scripture for what it actually says?


  1. Sad to say it won't happen in this life! Ha satan is the ruler of this world.Only til His Yehusa's return. All that live truth shall suffer persecution & tribulation. We are set apart. Narrow is the way and few find it. This is a fallen world and things are only going to get worst not better. I am working out my salvation with fear & trembling. Being a light to those who don't know and pray those around me see Yahweh in me. Living out the word of Yah so others may see Him in me. I pray for Yah's will be done!

  2. I think a lot of people don't really FULLY understand the meaning of God's message to us and so they sort of coast along not really trying to understand anything. As Christ said, "You do well, for even demons believe!" Believing is one thing. Belief leads to faith which leads to works. I can't judge myself but it seems many Christians or whatever aren't really believers but knowers. It's one thing to KNOW something but it's a completely different thing to BELIEVE in what you know. True belief and faith is not necessarily something I find you profess everywhere you go, or put up stickers on your car or wear on your body as in jewelry. A lot of people know what God did, but do they really believe? I find they don't. When you believe in God you don't need to tell anyone or anything - it just is. By believing in God we communicate with him! Most "Christians" know Him and yet, don't really believe in Him. They dont believe He made the world by just speaking, they don't believe He came here in the form of a man and sacrificed Hisself to save us, even though by all manners they appear to. God Himself will let us know when we are living in faith and we don't have to do anything grand or special sbout it.

    1. VERY wise words, Yasmine. Thank you so much for writing!


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