Thursday, March 19, 2015

The age of nonsense...

I can't tell you how many "tweets" and e-mails have come to The Refiner's Fire in recent days because so many have heard of the "total solar eclipse" which will happen on March 20th, and then a "total lunar eclipse", a "dreaded blood moon", will happen on the 4th of April, and they regurgitate Acts 2:19-20 as if these "heavenly" events must mean something.  Oh my! Gloom and doom!


Never mind that the total solar eclipse will be seen by practically no one on earth, except those who happen to be in the far, far northern latitudes of the earth, especially along the Faroe Islands and Svalbard (Norway).  No one in Israel will even know the eclipse has happened unless they specifically knew to look for the PARTIAL eclipse, and no one else on earth will know it happened except for the news media.  Some sign.

And the total lunar eclipse will only be seen in its full extent if you live in the Pacific ocean, or in Eastern Australia, or Alaska, Hawaii, or the Russian Kamchatka.  Some sign.

Call me cynical, but in my mind, a "sign" of Acts 2 is going to at least be seen in Israel!  Acts 2:17-20 says:

"Elohim said, In later days it will be (that) I will pour out my Ruach upon all flesh, and your sons will prophesy and your daughters and your young men will see visions, and your elders will dream dreams.   And upon my servants and upon handmaids I will pour out my Ruach in those days.  And they will prophesy.  And I will cause signs in heaven and mighty deeds upon the earth: blood, and fire, and columns of smoke,  the sun will be changed into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of Master YHWH.  And it will be (that) all who call (on) the name of Master YHWH will be saved." (AENT)

These verses are not talking about a single solar eclipse, visible only above 77 degrees North latitude, or a single lunar eclipse not visible to Israel AT ALL! This prophecy is of an amazing time, when the sun is darkened and the moon turned to blood FOR THE WHOLE WORLD!

And I hate to break it to you but a lunar eclipse is NOT a "blood moon" no matter how much hype Mark Biltz and John Hagee make of them to sell their books!  A total lunar eclipse is only called a "blood moon" by the popular media and ONLY because of the hype of same!  A lunar eclipse can be any shade of red from a bright peach, to a very dark, hard to see "rust". But no one in history has ever described all total lunar eclipses as "blood moons" until the present brain-dead generation!

A lunar eclipse is not a "blood moon"!  Get over it!  A lunar eclipse is a lunar eclipse and that is all!  And the fact that we can see a lunar eclipse and that this current series of four successive lunar eclipses over 2 years are each "total", MEANS NOTHING!   The prophecies of Acts and Daniel will be extraordinary events, not routine lunar and solar eclipses, and especially lunar and solar eclipses which will not even be visible to Israel!

Anyway, you should be paying attention to that last verse, and not to the solar eclipse you won't see or the lunar eclipse you will not know happened because you were asleep.

Good grief.  People will believe any piece of hype....


  1. Just found your blog. Nice to see someone using some discernment! Thank you!
    However, I see you use the AENT. Are you aware of the issues? See: And, since you seem quite capable of processing extensive information:

    Shalom! (Sorry I have to post as "anonymous", but I don't have the other accounts...)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write, and thanks for the kudos. As you could tell, we're very adamant about some things! It gets so tiring to see people spinning themselves up about certain things....

      Thanks also for the comments about AENT. As the original editor (first edition), I literally cried my way through it because I knew in my gut that that finally I had found Truth closer than any I'd ever experienced. I truly felt the footnotes and appendixes were superb. Were they "perfect?" No, of course not. Nothing man does is perfect. While no one has cornered the market on YHWH's Truth, we're all simply trying our best. Andrew tried his best. But - as is the case with anything else - there will always be detractors. That's just the way it goes. And the detractors aren't necessarily always correct, either. We'll only find THE TRUTH once we shed our "earth suits."

  2. AMEN!!! Very well said. Just like all the dooms day preditions we have heard in the past.

  3. You could see the total lunar eclipse across Western US especially Cali. It was beautiful! But I see what you mean. Lunar tetrads aren't common but they're not that unusual either. As you say, a sign from God will be seen and felt by EVERYONE! I don't think people realize a lot of this fear mongering is attributing signifigance to celestial bodies aka astrology. the only effect this eclipse will have is the one you will it to have on you. There is no power in the moon. But you can't tell people anything...


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