Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's hypocritical to "sell and then buy back" your leaven after Passover!

At Passover, we are to clean out our leavened products because leaven represents SIN.  Did you know that many traditional Jews, instead of actually getting rid of/using up their leavened products, will actually sell them to a non-Jew and then buy them back?  (See https://chabadorg.clhosting.org/holidays/passover/sell_chometz.htm ) 

Here is what they have written at Chabad.org:  "As you know, Passover is the holiday in which we eat matzah and refrain from eating or possessing any chametz (leavened bread). In the weeks preceding the holiday we clean our homes and rid them of all chametz. If, however, we still own any chametz -- whether food products or dishes -- that we'd like to use after Passover, we may designate a rabbi to sell it all for us to someone not Jewish so that we do not own it for the duration of Passover. After Passover the rabbi acquires it back for use."

Does anyone besides me view this as hypocritical?  I mean, you get rid of your leaven because it represents SIN.  Why would you want to buy it back????


  1. I totally agree with you I was shocked that they would even do such a thing! It is sad!

  2. Absolutely! It's plain HYPORITICAL! They insist YHWH never demanded "human sacrifice and demand we show proof from the Torah about Yeshua ...(never mind that Yeshua was NOT a sacrifice, but rather He offered Himself!)....but then they laugh at us when we ask them something like we did in this article. They can't present scriptural proof in Torah that we are allowed to sell and then buy back our leavened products - in essence, buying back our SIN! As always, it's simply something the RABBIS said!


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