Monday, January 19, 2015

A word about the Pope's response to a little girl's simple question

During the Pope's recent visit to the Philippines, a young girl in Manila asked him why God allows children to become prostitutes, and he suggested there is no answer!

Really? There’s no answer?

Well, if one has read the Bible from cover to cover and actually studied it with the help of the Holy Spirit, one finds that bad things happen because we are in a fallen world!   The Bible tells us that we inherited our sinfulness from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) and that, since then, God has constantly reached out to “fallen man” to show us how to become reconciled to Him via His Torah which tells us how to live holy and set apart lives – and that He even sent us His Divine Son who martyred Himself on our behalf to make it easy on us to become reconciled to God!

Yet, mankind continues to live in Sin and behave in unholy ways....

The Bible also tells us that YHWH does some of His best work in and through "broken vessels" - those who have suffered and grown stronger in their faith because of their suffering; and, that we must learn to recognize that "bad times" are part of our growing process. After all, where the sun always shines, there's a desert below....

What many don't seem to realize is that "God" is NOT causing all these things...but He does allow them, because He gives us all free will to do things His way, or not. Unfortunately those who are trying to live a holy life often CAN and WILL be affected by those who aren't. This won't change as long as there are human beings on earth who don't belong to Him...And the sad truth is, most don't. We will see just how small the number of believers is on the day Y'shua returns, as billions are "left behind." (See Revelation 3:16)

"The world" which consists mostly of godless people (and those who cling to "religion" instead of the Word of YHWH as seen in His Torah) has caused itself all the pain and heartache we see.  Please see our article about the end times.

THAT would have been a much better response to that little girl....


  1. Excellent Answer. It sad because it kind of shows the heart of the Pope. The doctrine is different from ours, but geez, they still read some parts of Bible.
    Unacceptable for the leader of anything. Poor little girl.

  2. I watched the Frontline documentary about the Vatican and it was unbelivable. It showed that there are bigger problems in the Vatican that we think and also the reason why the other Pope resigned. So sad to think, i was under the impression that the Pope should know more of the Bible that anyone else but i was wrong, with the politics around the Vatican i think that the Bible is the last thing that they'll going to read. Let's include the poor little girl in our prayers that one day YHWH will lead her to the truth (Torah) like what He did to me (i was born as a Catholic with a huge Catholic family).


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