Saturday, January 3, 2015

17 year old transgender male commits suicide

There are no words to describe how utterly sad I feel about Josh Alcorn, the troubled “transgender” teen who felt he needed to end it all.   Josh (who called himself Leelah)  threw himself into oncoming traffic on December 28th  near his home outside Cincinnati, Ohio, leaving behind a bitter and impassioned suicide note that outlined his anguish concerning his gender-identity situation.  

Josh’s 1,000-word suicide note has raised fresh questions about the use of “conversion therapy”, the practice among religious groups of trying to teach gay, lesbian or transgender people to overcome their desires through religious devotion.

HOW SAD!  Not just for Josh and his dilemma, but for “the world” that keeps bearing down on Believers and is backing us into a corner!  They clearly do NOT know what they are doing (Luke 23:24).  It is clear evidence that Scripture is correct:

I Corinthians 2:14 ...The natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them.

Josh was clearly trapped between “the world” view and what the Bible says about sexuality and human behavior as a whole – and “religion” which has twisted the Word into oblivion and both added to and subtracted from YHWH’s Word!  The world today, it seems, has no boundaries.  ANYTHING goes.  You’re gay?  Hey, cool!  Y’all are even free to marry!  Transgender?  Well, just have a sex change operation!  Wanna commit adultery?  Go ahead.  If you’re a Christian, your “Jesus” will forgive you!

Everything that YHWH considers “bad” is considered “good” by the world, and everything He considers “good” (such as believing in Him and following His Rules for holy living) is deemed “bad” by the world.  After all, “the world” believes (1) there is no God, or that (2) there are many gods, or (3) views the God/Bible thing like Oprah who insists “All paths lead to God.”  And Christians aren’t helping matters, either!  They have twisted Scripture  to “sound bytes” and are providing “New Testament concussions” from the respective viewpoints of nearly 40,000 different  denominations, most of which are adamant  that “those ancient rules were just for the Jews and don’t pertain to us today.” “  They believe that the God of the “Old Testament” was a mean God who had a tight grip on His people; but “Jesus” is a GOOD God who forgives our every transgression and understands that this is 2015, and “times have changed”….

So, it’s no wonder the Josh Alcorn’s of this world are confused!

Truth is, though Josh’s parents apparently did not waver when it came to their son’s “gender identity.”  They told him it was against the Bible – and, according to this article Mrs. Alcorn stated that she loved her son and that she only wanted what was best for her child. During an interview with CNN
  a few days after Josh’s suicide, she explained her point of view:  "We don't support that, religiously," Carla Alcorn said. "But we told him that we loved him unconditionally. We loved him no matter what. I loved my son. People need to know that I loved him. He was a good kid, a good boy."  She said her child was depressed and on medication and that, "he just quit talking about [being transgender.]”

And for that, there are some who want to see Josh’s parents punished!   Noted sex columnist Dan Savage, actually called for the Alcorns, who did not support their son’s desire to change his sex, to be prosecuted for child abuse!   (Savage will surely experience a rude awakening on Judgment Day when he stands before YHWH to explain why he arrogantly persecuted those who wished to OBEY God to the best of their ability!)

“The world” damns Believers because “the world” doesn’t have a clue about God and the Bible.  The God of the Bible damns “the world” which has rejected Him.  Guess which one is REALLY going to be “damned” in the end!

Isaiah 5: 20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who change darkness into light and light into darkness, who change bitter into sweet and sweet into bitter! 21 Woe to those seeing themselves as wise, esteeming themselves as clever. 22 Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine, men whose power goes to mixing strong drinks, 23 who acquit the guilty for bribes but deny justice to the righteous! 24 Therefore, as fire licks up the stubble, and the chaff is consumed in the flame; so their root will rot, and their flowers scatter like dust; because they have rejected the Torah of ADONAI-Tzva'ot, they have despised the word of the Holy One of Isra'el.

I do not know whether or not Josh Alcorn believed in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (and I dare Dan Savage to suggest I be prosecuted for not using the boy’s preferred female name!).   I do not know what Josh’s parents did or didn’t do for their son.  All I know is that the misguided media has shown them to be guilty of being Bible believing Christians who loved their son but refused to cater to his desire to become “female.” 

Since when  did it become a punishable crime to desire to obey God?  When did “the world” decide that it could rule over and even prosecute Believers for standing by their faith and DOING God’s will over man’s?

First of all, folks, when YHWH commands something, “man” has no right to dismiss it.  Secondly, from where else besides the BIBLE do we receive our “Instructions in Righteousness” from?   Certainly not from our limited human mindsets which have done nothing but wreaked havoc in the entire history of the world!

All three of the world’s “major religions” (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) actually received their instructions and moral rules from YHWH!  The only problem is, all three have been busy TWISTING those instructions into nonsense.  Judaism adheres mostly to their man-made Talmud  from “the sages” – all the while denying “the rest of the story” contained in the “New Testament”; while Christianity totally denies that Torah (Divine Instructions in Righteousness)  doesn’t pertain to them (as a matter of fact, they call “the law” a “curse”!), and they can’t even be bothered with the seventh day Sabbath which is clearly a SIGN between God and His people (Exodus 31:16-17, Ezekiel 20:11-12), let alone learn about the Feasts which all foreshadow Messiah Y’shua….And Islam, well, their religion began when a – let’s say, not so nice illiterate person named Mohammed took Torah and twisted it into a new religion loosely based on the Bible.  Mohammed saw visions during his epileptic fits and had his followers write them down – notes written on palm leaves and whatever they could find, which eventually became the Koran (600 years after Messiah!)….And now Mohammed’s loyal followers are busy beheading anyone they see as a threat to the spread of Islam and their misguided mandates – Just as outlined in the Book of Revelation:

Revelation 20:4 - Then I saw thrones, and those seated on them received authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for testifying about Yeshua and proclaiming the word of God, also those who had not worshipped the beast or its image and had not received the mark on their foreheads and on their hands. They came to life and ruled with the Messiah for a thousand years.

When are people going to wake up and realize that there must be “something to this Bible stuff” because it is undeniable that the Books of Daniel and Revelation are UNFOLDING before our eyes!   When are they going to realize that many prophecies have already been fulfilled and are continuing to unfold?  Isaiah’s prophecy (Isaiah 66:7-8) which foretold that Israel would become a nation again and that it would happen in one day, came true on May 14, 1948 - when the world leaders declared independence for Israel as a united and sovereign nation for the first time in 2,900 years!    And Yeshua Himself has fulfilled at least 300 prophecies!   

Yes, poor Josh Alcorn was clearly trapped between “the world” view and what the Bible says about sexuality and human behavior as a whole – and “religion” which has twisted the Word into oblivion….If MANKIND would only  SHUT UP!

The only thing that is SURE in this lost world that is busy falling apart at the seams, is that only those who endure to the end will end up in Eternity with YHWH:

Matthew 24: 4 Beware, let no man deceive you.  5. For many will come in my name and will say that “I am the Mashiyach.”  And many they will deceive.  6. For you are bound to hear of revolutions and rumor of wars.  Watch out and do not be disturbed, for it is necessary that all these things happen, but it is not yet the end.  7. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.  And there will be famines and plagues and earthquakes in different places.  8. But all these things are only the beginning of sorrows.  9. Then they will deliver to afflictions and they will kill you and you will be hated by all nations because of my name.  10. Then many will stumble and will hate one another and will betray one another.  11. And many false prophets will arise and deceive many.  12. And because of the growth of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold.  13. But whoever has patience until the end, he will have life.  (AENT)


  1. Shali You are so right!! They call good evil and evil good. Everything written in this is how it is out in the world. I am saddened by this and His parents who stood up for what is right. I believe in the very soon return of Messiah Y'shua as prophecy unfolds.

  2. Thanks for the post sister shali. This is another eye opening reality of what is going on to this world. Let's include dan savage in our prayers and hope that abba YHWH will open his heart and see the truth.

    1. This has been going on in the world since the days Noah. There is nothing new under the sun and there is nothing happening now that was not an issue thousands of years ago.

      The only problem is that the village idiots of the world have the ability to get on TV or write blogettes and columns as if they know something when they don't.

      If the parents of this child loved their son as much as they claim they would not be sitting up on TV talking about him or his issues. I know for sure I wouldn't. You subject yourself to the pointless tirades of the public when you present yourself on jank news stations like CNN. I hate to even call them news as they spend more time playah hating on Obama (like their soul sister FOX) and talking about the growing width of Kim K's left butt cheek than telling us relevant stuff we ought to know. In a perfect world there would be a gigantic toilet to flush her and everybody else down in one gluck.

      Yes it's sad Josh commuted suicide but it seems there's a lot more to this story than his parents are explaining or telling. It's sad we have a 'sex' columnist talking about these people as if sex was the problem. It was part but not root.

  3. I remember these words from Yeshua who accuses rightly: "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies" (John 8:44). It is the Father of Lies who deceived Josh and then falsely accuses all those who follow YHWH for Josh's suffering.

  4. Unfortunately, uneducated people like you are helping to murder these innocent children. If you did a little research you would find that, not only is this not a psychiatric issue or a confusion problem -- but it is an actual medical issue. The brains of transgender people actually look different than people who feel comfortable in their assigned gender. I am not transgender. Months ago I did not understand. I prayed for understanding, did some research -- and now I know that these people aren't confused. In fact, they know who they are much more than most of the rest of the world does... God lead me to learn these things and maybe you will take the time to learn, too. As for the parents of that poor young woman: If she had diabetes, would they have denied her insulin? If she had been born without a leg, would they have denied her a prosthetic one? If she had been born with a growth (like, say, a penis) that wasn't supposed to be there, would they have told her that God doesn't approve of changing our bodies? Totally ludicrous...

    1. Thank you for your comment. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but please don't ever suggest we are "uneducated" or that we haven't done "research" or that we are helping to "murder" these youths. We find it rather disheartening that people like you always jump to conclusions and are "for" whatever is happening in "the world" while at the same time BASHING God and the Bible and those who adhere to it. "We" apparently have NO rights to speak up for YHWH! Well, regardless as to what "the world" thinks about this issue, the Bible says what it says. And we have the RIGHT to let the world know.

    2. And here's the other thing: We wrote this article in support of that teenager's parents who some people were wanting to send to prison for not allowing their son to have a sex change, and trying to help him through conversion therapy. Since when do parents NOT have the right to make decisions for their child? He was THEIR kid living under THEIR roof, and it was THEIR right to do what THEY felt was necessary. No normal, thinking human being would “cut off their kid’s penis” (as you suggested) just because the child (whose brain was still immature) wanted it done….

      Why do I say this? Well, for one thing, as long as a child lives under their parents’ roof where they are being sheltered, fed and clothed, they need to adhere to the house rules! What you are suggesting is the parents have NO rights, or that they are “bad” for adhering to their biblical principles (which “the world” absolutely HATES!). So, let me tell you a story….

      I was a sexually abused baby, child and teenager at the hands of at least one of my mothers’ “johns” and one of her 8 husbands who started molesting me when I was just 9 years old. Like Josh, I contemplated both suicide AND also homicide (French sociologist Emile Durkheim calls suicide "murder turned inward") because – unlike Josh who had loving parents who simply wanted their son to BE who he was born to be – I was being both physically and mentally violated by morons who didn’t care about MY rights to live a normal life, free from abuse! But, as miserable as I was, I also realized that one day I would be in a position to move OUT of my environment and make my own life and my own decisions, and my parents would be nothing but a bad memory.

      Josh had that option, too – to WAIT until he could get out of the home and get a sex change and live life on his own terms. Instead, he chose suicide, which makes me VERY sad! I wish I could have known him and held his hand through all this, because I know what it feels like to be “violated” … and I know what it feels like to “be different” and/or not accepted. In Josh’s case it was a double-edged sword for both him AND his parents.

      He wasn’t in need of insulin and he wasn’t born without one leg (as you wrote); for if he had been, his parents would surely have remedied that. Josh didn’t want to be what God caused him to be born as, and his parents were merely trying to “fix” that. Do you have ANY idea how much that must have anguished them?

      If that didn’t work for Josh, then he could have waited until he was “of age” and eventually remedied it himself – instead of trying to force his parents to change their mind about God’s commands and consequently, their house rules….This was a real dilemma! It’s sad that people only want to see Josh’s side in this! People need to come out of their selfish thoughts and ideas and try to view this from his parent’s points of view, too, so they get an inkling as to how much it must have hurt them to have a son who wanted to be a daughter and who was already - while living under THEIR roof - busy presenting himself to the world as a female! People are QUICK to judge and mouth off, when they have NO clue what someone else is going through….


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