Saturday, December 6, 2014

Remedial vs Willful Ignorance

There are two sides of ignorance:

Someone defined the two sides of ignorance as "The first is blindly believing and doing what other people say without properly investigating the truth of it, and the second is not believing and doing what is rightfully correct because you refuse to accept the the truth. Either way, both are dangerous and leads to corruption of the mind."

My take on this:

There are only two ways to express knowledge of a subject on the Internet: Truth or lies. In my short time on Facebook (cesspool that it is, I am happily no longer on Facebook), I observed that most have no idea how to distinguish the difference. Truth is backed by facts and sound conclusions, while lies are simply false conclusions based on opinion, hearsay, and ignorance. Sadly, since absolutely anyone can write anything they want and post it on the Internet as "truth", it is up to the reader to assess a post or article as truth or lies. I observed that the quite necessary "assessment" step most often fails to happen. Worse, I observed that most are not qualified themselves to carry out that assessment! 

Which leads me to:

There are two forms of ignorance: Remedial and Willful. One can be "ignorant" of a subject and that is not actually a problem because ignorance is remediated through study and education.  But when one chooses not to study and educate themselves they have willfully chosen to remain ignorant.


  1. Thanks for the post Liam. This will "hit" the place it will it need to "hit' the most. People love will grow cold and they'll love lies instead of truth.


    1. Why are you anonymous? I stand for YHWH and don't understand why you want to be this? Just want to understand why?

    2. Not sure what you are referring to, CrowMedicineWoman....


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