Thursday, November 27, 2014

A quick note about Thanksgiving and Christmas

Happy thanksgiving to America!  Amazingly, every year we have to weed through the “Thanksgiving is pagan” nonsense.  And then, immediately afterward it is inevitable that we’re going to be slapped in the face with endless Christmas commercials designed to get us to go into debt so we can make our loved ones happy.  SIGH!  If only people would turn to God and just see both of these holidays through HIS Eyes….

Folks, there is NO reason why Thanksgiving should be considered “pagan”; none, whatsoever.  How can a day designed to get people to give thanks to “the Most high God” possibly be pagan? Thanksgiving was instituted by Abraham Lincoln in October 1863, then moved to the fourth Thursday in November by Franklin Roosevelt.  Please read this article and then make up your own mind as to whether or not you still want to believe there’s “paganism” in thanking our Creator.

Yes, I know all the "we stole America from the Indian nation and slaughtered the Natives" arguments - and, while that is very sad, none of us had anything to do with those atrocities, and there is nothing we can do to change things.  (We're dealing with new atrocities today...find a newspaper or watch World News Now and your jaw will drop!) The fact is, we live here, and America today is a land filled with all colors and creeds of peoples from all around the world. People are illegally crossing our borders to escape their own countries in hopes of being able to live in the USA!  If you, on the other hand, hate America and everything it stands for, you are free to move somewhere else.  Nothing says you have to stay!  We need people with common sense and the desire to make America prosper; not a bunch of negative hate-mongers who wish to pull her down!  In the meantime, why SHOULDN'T we set aside a day to honor God for what we have?  Since when is honoring God "wrong"?  

And yes, I know that the “pagan police” like to play word games and scream and holler that the word “God” itself is pagan, but again - that’s just your personal opinion!  In English we refer to our Creator as “God.”   If someone feels that's a problem, then don't use the word "God."  (Our God’s Name is YHWH - see our article God revealed His Name to Moses.) 

The bottom line is always:  If you believe Thanksgiving is “pagan” – then don’t celebrate it.  Problem solved! 
As for Christmas, while it’s supposedly the “birth of Christ” and the celebration of His birth, the bottom line is:  “Christmas” is NOT one of the Biblical Feasts, and December 25th is NOT Messiah’s birthday.  (See our article, Proof that Yeshua was NOT born in December!)    

Furthermore, nowhere in Scripture are we told to celebrate His birthday.  To be fair, it doesn’t say you can’t, either, so if you wish to put up a tree and celebrate Christmas, GO for it!   We are to be thankful to our God every day of the year, and if you want to do enjoy “Christmas” activities, that’s your choice.  Just don’t be guilty of telling your children the lie about “flying reindeer” and “Santa Claus” who magically comes down the chimney to bring them presents – because lying is NOT condoned in Scripture.  (Although I’m “middle aged,” I will never forget how upset I was with my parents when I discovered that the “Santa” they had been telling me about for years, was nonexistent – and after that, I never again believed anything they said.  It hurts to know you’ve been lied to!)

You can find tons of articles on the Internet concerning the "history of Christmas" (some of which are absolutely laughable in their attempts to force Christmas to be “condoned by God”), so I won’t belabor the topic here, as I’ve discovered that people are going to believe whatever they want to believe, anyway – and truly, some of the excuses they come up with to continue the Christmas tradition are beyond belief! 

If you are interested, we have two articles on our website:  The pagan origins of Christmas  and Let’s examine the lie called Christmas.   The only reason I am posting this is because social media is already buzzing with rabid Christian hate groups supporting each other and poking fun at those who wish to keep the Biblical Feasts instead of man-made “holy days” - and I felt something needs to be said for the sake of those who are seeking BIBLICAL Truth….


  1. Hi this is so right on! Thanks for standing up for what is right. I have Native American blood and honor what has been past down through the ages. Giving thanks to the Creator should be celebrated.

    1. Thank you for your post!!! We appreciate it and pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Amein! Happy Thanksgiving! I am so stuffed with Turkey enjoying family gathering today we prayed before we ate we are thankful daily to Creator bless Abraham & his descendants scatter nations everywhere we thank Him daily we are in America, and learn Torah of YHWH walking like Yeshua haMashiyach.

    True! Your blog about Native Indians: We understood [yes we have compassion] talked about two groups (good and bad) we cannot stop people move into America same as two different group(s) of Torah: "Under Torah" refer peer religious group have NO life and "Subject to Torah of Mashiyach" refer have eternal life in Spirit of YHWH. Amein?

    We do not celebrate Christmas since 2002.

    Enjoy Turkey Day!

    1. Thanks for posting, Tamra! I'm glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving! We are so grateful to YHWH for everything, including friends like you! May He richly bless you and yours!


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