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Clarifying our preferences of the spelling of the English transliterations of the Names “YHWH and Yeshua”

THE BOTTOM LINE IS, WE AT THE REFINER’S FIRE prefer to leave it up to everyone to make up their own minds because there are so many "voices" on the Internet shouting they and only they have THE Truth, including on the spellings of the "Sacred Names" - most of whom don’t speak a word of Hebrew, and are simply copying their “vast knowledge” from others.

First of all, nobody can say with 100 percent certainty that “their way” of spelling or pronouncing the Sacred Names is correct, or the “only” way of spelling them.  However, I personally don’t believe Yeshua’s name can possibly be written as “Yehusha” because it simply doesn’t match the Hebrew letters. There is no "Yah" in the letter "Yud", nor an "H" in between the Yud and the Shin in the Hebrew word ישוע ...

I’ve consulted several scholars over the years, including my former colleague Andrew Gabriel Roth, a Messianic Jew who translated the Khabouris Codex directly from Aramaic into English to produce the Aramaic English New Testament.  Andrew’s preferred English spelling of Yeshua's name from the Hebrew letters, ישוע is "Yeshua" or "Y'shua"; and the Father’s Name, יהוה – Yud Hey Vav Hey, as “YHWH” or YAHWEH with vowels in English.

Since the Hebrew language originally had no vowels and the pronunciation of is a bit of a mystery, with the vav acting as a vowel. As a consonant the vav has a "v" sound. But as a vowel, it has a "W", "ow", or "uw" sound, sometimes represented as "oo". So, it is perfectly acceptable to write the Hebrew letter vav as "vav" or "waw", and hence, represented as "YHVH" or "YHWH".
As to how to pronounce it – not even the Rabbis know for sure. We’re all just guessing.

Regardless, what matters, is NOT the myriad English transliterations; but rather, the HEBREW spelling of the Names YHWH and Yeshua.

As for the endless fights about the name of “Jesus” – during our continuous search for the “truth” over the last two and a half decades of being Torah observant, we offer this explanation as to why the Greeks came up with the name of “Jesus”.

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