Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Afraid to eat certain things because they might be made from “unclean” animals”

ARE YOU AFRAID TO EAT CERTAIN THINGS because they might be made from “unclean” animals?” If so, please ponder this:

The difference between what is considered “clean” or “unclean” when it comes to processed animal by-products, is that, once the pertinent dead animal pieces have been “processed” they are no longer considered “unclean” according to Torah standards, because they no longer have anything to do with the original, unclean animal.

Take, for example, the blue dye that was once used to make the blue thread of the tzitzit (commanded in Numbers 15:38).  The rabbis insisted it could ONLY be the particular shade of blue found in a certain snail – which was considered an “unclean” animal.  (Truth is, the Torah doesn’t specifically state a certain shade of blue…)

The train of thought was, the processed product was not considered “unclean” as the actual snail wasn’t being eaten, and that a chemical or compound extracted from something "unclean" is, itself, NOT unclean. 

Same goes for other “unclean” animals.  Once the hide (or hooves or anything else on it) is processed it no longer imparts tumah (ritual uncleanness). The product derived (i.e. gelatin, which many refuse to eat today because they believe it’s “unclean”) clearly no longer has anything to do with the original, unclean animal, and you are certainly not "eating the meat of an unclean animal" by eating gelatin.

Furthermore, YHWH said that ALL He created was "good" (Genesis 1:10, 1:12, 1:18, 1:25); and that would certainly include compounds and byproducts found in the things He created…

A LITTLE SIDE NOTE ABOUT THE SNAIL:  Eventually, when the snail could no longer be found, the rabbis decided it would be best to NOT add a “thread of blue” at all, because no one could decide on another shade of blue that was close enough to match the blue of the snail.  So, what happened?  They decided it was better to BREAK the command, than to risk using the “wrong” shade of blue… (Hmmm….)

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