Thursday, April 11, 2024

“The Jews” killed Jesus?


Reponse: Er … No!

While "the Jews" certainly initiated Yeshua's demise on that fateful day, WHO was it that tripped him, spat upon him, flogged him, ripped out his beard, put a crown of thorns upon his head and mocked him, and nailed him to the cross? Not to mention, there was a "mixed crowd" (not just Jews) cheering on his execution. (See Isaiah 50:6; Matthew 26:62-68; Matthew 27:30; and Luke 22:64.)

BUT LET’S JUST GET REAL AND SKIP TO THE BOTTOM LINE: We’re ALL to blame! Our SINS put Yeshua on that cross! Truth be told, if he hadn't been willing to martyr himself on our behalf, we would still be forced to kill innocent animals to atone for our sins.

Instead of sitting around, engaging in finger-pointing exercises, and espousing personal opinions, let's take a minute or two to allow the BIBLE to speak:

First, let’s take a look at a passage that helps to fan the flames of anti-Semitism (just like many of Paul’s writings, which are constantly taken out of context).

Thessalonians 2: 14 For, brothers, you came to be imitators of God’s congregations in Y’hudah that are united with the Messiah Yeshua — you suffered the same things from your countrymen as they did from the Judeans who 15 both killed the Lord Yeshua and the prophets, and chased us out too. They are displeasing God and opposing all mankind 16 by trying to keep us from speaking to the Gentiles, so that they may be delivered. Their object seems to be always to make their sins as bad as possible! But God’s fury will catch up with them in the end. (CJB)

Can you see why people would point their fingers at "the Jews?" 

The astute, however, will read "the rest of the story" in order to formulate an INFORMED opinion; and they will start by taking a look at the events that took place BEFORE Yeshua was crucified:

Matthew 26: 47 While Yeshua was still speaking, Y’hudah (one of the Twelve!) came, and with him a large crowd carrying swords and clubs, from the head cohanim and elders of the people.

48 The betrayer had arranged to give them a signal: “The man I kiss is the one you want — grab him!” 49 He went straight up to Yeshua, said, “Shalom, Rabbi!” and kissed him. 50 Yeshua said to him, “Friend, do what you came to do.” Then they moved forward, laid hold of Yeshua and arrested him.

51 At that, one of the men with Yeshua reached for his sword, drew it out and struck at the servant of the cohen hagadol, cutting off his ear. 52 Yeshua said to him, “Put your sword back where it belongs, for everyone who uses the sword will die by the sword. 53 Don’t you know that I can ask my Father, and he will instantly provide more than a dozen armies of angels to help me? 54 But if I did that, how could the passages in the Tanakh be fulfilled that say it has to happen this way?”

55 Then Yeshua addressed the crowd: “So you came out to take me with swords and clubs, the way you would the leader of a rebellion? Every day I sat in the Temple court, teaching; and you didn’t seize me then. 56 But all this has happened so that what the prophets wrote may be fulfilled.” Then the talmidim all deserted him and ran away. (CJB)

(QUESTION: We’re not told, but one has to wonder WHO the “crowd” consisted of … surely not just the Jews, but also Netzarim (the original followers of Yeshua’s teachings) and, of course, pagans…)

It’s important to note that these things did not happen at the whim of Caiaphas, the priests, or Pilate, for it was all part of God’s plan to save the world through the death of His Son. As Yeshua had said, “No one takes [my life] from me, but I lay it down of my own accord” (John 10:18)...."

BOTTOM LINE: Three days later, Messiah Yeshua rose again from the grave, fulfilling prophecy, defeating death, and emboldening His followers to share the good news of salvation throughout the known world. Caiaphas continued to persecute the Netzarim, being present at the trial of Peter and John (Acts 4:1–22), but his opposition did absolutely nothing to stop the spread of the gospel.

In view of the above, it becomes very clear that there are many misleading memes and articles on the Internet that can lead people astray! YHWH is certainly NOT happy with those who keep focusing on, and bringing others' attention to, all the “wrong” things...

SO, TO REITERATE, YESHUA HAD TO DIE TO BECOME OUR SAVIOR – our final “Sin Sacrifice” ... He KNEW who he was and why he was sent, and he accomplished his mission. STOP BLAMING “THE JEWS” and simply REJOICE! Never, ever stop pondering, marveling and being thankful for, the wondrous gift YHWH chose to give to a sinful and lost humanity in this fallen world!

Romans 11:11-12: "But I say: Have they (the Jews) so stumbled as to fall entirely? May it never be! Rather, by their stumbling, life has come to the Gentiles for (awakening) their jealousy. And if their stumbling was riches to the world, and their condemnation riches to the Gentiles; how much more their completeness?" (CJB)

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: Don't base your theology on personal opinions or lack of Bible knowledge!

Let’s end with the passage below:

Matthew 27: 26. Then he released Bar Abba to them and scourged Y’shua with whips, and delivered him to be put to death on the stake. 27. Then the soldiers of the governor took Y’shua to the Praetorium[1] and assembled against him all of the company of soldiers. 28. And they stripped him and clothed him with a robe of purple. 29. And they wove a crown of thorns and put it on his head, and a reed in his right hand. And they bowed down upon their knees before him and they were mocking at him and saying, “Peace King of the Jews.” 30. And they spat in his face and took the reed and were striking him upon his head. 31. And when they had mocked him, they took off the robe and put on his own clothes, and led him away to be put to death on the stake.

32. And while they were going out they found a man of Qureenya, whose name was Shimon. They compelled this man that he might carry his stake. 33. And they came to the place which is called Golgotha, which is interpreted, The Skull. 34. And they gave to him vinegar that was mixed with gall to drink. And he tasted it, and he did not desire to drink it. 35. And when they had nailed him to the stake, they divided his clothes by casting lots. 36. And they were sitting watching him there. 37. And they placed over his head the reason for his death in writing, THIS IS Y’SHUA, THE KING OF THE JEWS… (AENT)


The Praetorium was located on the North West corner of the Temple, inside the Antonia Fortress. It had a maximum capacity of 200 people. A handful of religious fanatics used crowd psychology against Y’shua to unfairly influence the outcome and the souls in attendance certainly did not represent the entire Jewish race; of the 200 attendess the greatest number were most likely soldiers who were protecting Rome’s interests in silencing Y’shua. Y’shua’s followers wanted to crown him as their king; this also brought much consternation to the elite of the Roman hierarchy.

It was not “the Jews” who put Y’shua to death, but a handful of “scribes and elders” with the consent of their officiating “chief rabbi” and “high priest” who were also political puppets of Rome and who feared for their own positions of power. History tells us that the common people favored Y’shua, and many priests also became followers of Y’shua; see Acts 6:7.


  1. I saw Iran's April 13th attack on Israel using YouTube (mainly i24News and ILTV as well as a few other news agencies). According to sources, the U.S., the U.K., France, Jordan and Saudi Arabia helped with intercepting the drone and missile attack. I must say that watching those drones and missiles get intercepted reminds me of books of Yeshayahu and Ezekiel as well as Joel and Revelation.

    1. GREAT comment, Kevin! You are soooo correct, brother!

  2. Carmen, I see headlines while surfing the net related to Anti-Semitism each day. It makes me sick and angry when people go out to deliberately hate YHWH (Genesis 12:1-3 and Galatians 6:7 as well as 2 Kepha 3) and His Set Apart People. Hopefully they will repent and come to YHWH while there is still time.

  3. I take last weekend's actions as a sign of things to come in the not too-distant future. There are still events out there that will happen in the Middle East (Yeshayahu 13, Yeshayahu 17, Yeshayahu 21, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 and 39, Joel 3:12 and Revelation 16:12-16).

    1. I'm definitely with you on this, Kevin. There are several more things that have to happen before Yeshua's return, and it sure looks like "this generation" will get to witness them...


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