Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Jewish Nobel Prize Winners: the numbers will astound you! (Wonder if the illustrious anti-Israel college students can measure up?)

YES, THE NUMBERS WILL CERTAINLY ASTOUND YOU - And it’s all because ADONAI kept His promise! As a matter of fact, He said:

Leviticus 26:9: "I will turn toward you, make you productive, increase your numbers and uphold my covenant with you." (CJB)

The above is a powerful statement when you consider how valuable and productive His "Chosen People" have been to this world! Please check out the article entitled Jewish Nobel Prize Winners which reveals that, while Jews currently make up only about 0.2% of the world's population and 2% of the US population, their contribution to the world has been nothing short of extraordinary:

“At least 214 Jews and people of half- or three-quarters-Jewish ancestry have been awarded the Nobel Prize,1 accounting for 22% of all individual recipients worldwide between 1901 and 2023, and constituting 36% of all US recipients2 during the same period.3  In the scientific research fields of Chemistry, Economics, Physics, and Physiology/Medicine, the corresponding world and US percentages are 26% and 38%, respectively. 

“Among women laureates in the four research fields, the Jewish percentages (world and US) are 29% and 41%, respectively.  Of organizations awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 22% were founded or co-founded principally by Jews or by people of half-Jewish descent.  Since the turn of the century (i.e., from the year 2000 onward), Jews have been awarded 24% of all Nobel Prizes and 26% of those in the scientific research fields.”

Chemistry (36 prize winners, 19% of world total, 27% of US total)

Economics (38 prize winners, 41% of world total, 51% of US total)

Literature (16 prize winners, 13% of world total, 38% of US total)

Peace (9 prize winners, 8% of world total, 10% of US total)

Physics (56 prize winners, 25% of world total, 38% of US total)

Physiology or Medicine (59 prize winners, 26% of world total, 38% of US total)

(The above article on the jinfo.org website features clickable links that show the names of the actual Nobel Prize recipients.)

IN CLOSING, HERE IS ANOTHER FACT: Many of the key tools of navigators in Columbus' time were of Jewish manufacture, and included the "quadrant and the astrolabe". An article at Aish.com reveals that the type of quadrant in use at the time was called "Jacob's Staff which had been invented by Rabbi Levi ben Gershon", and also that "Jews had a virtual monopoly at map making then, culling information from Jewish merchants from all over the known world."

SO, FOR THOSE WHO HATE “THE JEWS,” I highly suggest you take a really GOOD LOOK at how YAHWEH feels about them!

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  1. On a related note, I was surfing YouTube over the past several days. I saw a brief video or two of Elica Le Bon, the Iranian woman who warns America and the rest of the world about the dangers of the anti-Israeli protesters. She also warns of the dangers of the Iranian regime. I love how YHWH uses people from the Iranian or Arab world to expose a threat like the protesters. Once again, as usual, we must stay focused on the Middle East (ancient as well as modern) and understand how it affects and relates to the rest of the planet.


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