Saturday, May 21, 2022

The importance of “context”….


Acts 4: 11. This is the stone that you builders have rejected, and has become the head of the corner[1] 12. And there is not salvation by another man[2] for there is not another name under heaven which is given to men by which it is proper to have life!”[3] (AENT)

[1] Psalm 118:22

[2] In other words, no other human can claim the title of Mashiyach, and only the true Mashiyach can assume the name of YHWH in Whom there is total power. The only man who was pierced with the Spirit of YHWH inside him (Zechariah 12:10) is the one who was conceived by the Ruach haKodesh. Without these vital qualifications other candidates must not be considered. The ONE Name under heaven is YHWH; Y’shua’s name points to YHWH.

Not only did the Greek-based religion choose to replace the authority of the Name of YHWH with that of “the son”; but it also imparted a division within deity and coined a Grecianized name, thereby making void the Word of YHWH, and the office of Mashiyach that is sealed according to the Name of YHWH.

[3]   “Life-Giver” in Aramaic is rendered as “Savior” in English. John 5:26 reveals that the Father YHWH gives life from His Qnoma (occurrence of His one nature) to the Son, who is Mashiyach. Y’shua in turn, gives that Life to those who are drawn to him. Y’shua would be powerless to give Eternal Life without His Father YHWH first providing it to him, but it still falls to the Son and no other man to pass that gift on to the rest of us.

Y’shua decries the Pharisees on this issue, pointing out that according to Scripture, Life comes from Mashiyach, but they won’t come to him as haMashiyach for that Life! This is a radically different perspective from those who call on “the name of Jesus” as a substitute for this YHWH-ordained precious gift of salvation because, without One, the other cannot perform his function.

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