Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Some thoughts on our “eternal bodies”

I recently saw a comment posted by a Hebrew Roots teacher which suggested that “our incorruptible bodies will perpetually look like we did when we were 30 years old.” In my opinion, that is a very immature interpretation of Scripture (which does NOT support that idea at all), and reveals that many are still viewing the things of God through their limited, human mindsets.

First of all, Scripture doesn’t reveal “what our incorruptible bodies will look like”; and secondly, our appearance will be totally irrelevant! As eternal servants of YHWH, we surely weren’t meant to parade around as “young looking” sex symbols! Scripture tells us, we will be like the angels.

We’re not going to be sexual beings any longer with any superficial need to “look forever young” or “be beautiful.” The "beauty" we will exude is a HOLY beauty that we cannot begin to comprehend in our human form! It's got NOTHING to do with looking like a young, 30 year old human!

Matthew 22: 30. For in the resurrection of the dead, men do not marry women, nor are women given to husbands. Rather, they are as the Messengers of Elohim in Heaven. (AENT)

Our focus will be on ADONAI whose goal is to use His people to teach and preach the Kingdom of YHWH and show the people remaining on earth in those days, how to become holy/set apart, and prepare them to become holy and useful citizens in the olam ha-ba – the “world to come.” We get some strong hints that those who receive their incorruptible bodies are true servants of YHWH who will SHINE as did Moshe when he descended from the mountain after being in the Presence of YHWH:

Exodus 34:35 And whenever the children of Israel saw the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses' face shone, then Moses would put the veil on his face again, until he went in to speak with Him. (CJB)

Please humor me as I share some common-sense, deep, BIBLICAL proofs here and there, designed to get you to ponder on how our “new bodies” won’t necessarily resemble our present “earth suits.” You’re free to agree or disagree with me - but please DO let me know if you think you see ANYTHING in the following passages that even remotely suggests that we will resemble ordinary, flesh-covered humans whose “incorruptible bodies will perpetually look like we did when we were 30 years old” – because I personally do NOT think so!

Let’s take a look the following passages that reveal that our "forever" bodies will somehow “shine”….

Daniel 12: 2 Many of those sleeping in the dust of the earth will awaken, some to everlasting life and some to everlasting shame and abhorrence. 3 But those who can discern will shine like the brightness of heaven’s dome, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. 4 “But you, Dani’el, keep these words secret, and seal up the book until the time of the end. Many will rush here and there as knowledge increases.” (CJB)

Matthew 13: 41. The Son of man will send his Messengers out, and they will pluck from His Kingdom all stumbling blocks and all workers of iniquity. 42. And they will cast them into the furnace of fire, and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 43. Then, the righteous will shine[1] like the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. (AENT)

[1] See Isaiah 60:1 and Daniel 12:3

Matthew 17:1 And after six days, Y’shua led Keefa and Ya’akov and Yochanan his brother and took them up high alone. 2. And Y’shua was transformed before them and his face was bright like the sun, and his clothes became white like light. 3. And Moshe and Eliyahu appeared to them speaking with him. 4. And Keefa responded and said to Y’shua, “My Master. It is good for us that we are here. And if you desire, let us make you here three shelters, one for you and one for Moshe, and one for Eliyahu.

5. And while he was speaking, behold a bright cloud overshadowed them. And a voice came from the cloud saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am pleased. Listen to him.” 6. And when the disciples heard, they fell upon their faces and were very afraid.

7. And Y’shua approached them and touched them and said, Arise, do not be afraid. 8. And they lifted up their eyes and they did not see anyone except Y’shua alone. 9. And while they were descending from the mountain, Y’shua commanded them and said to them, Do not speak about this vision in the presence of anyone until the Son of man arises from the dead.[2]  (AENT)

[2] Psalms 16:10-11; Job 33:30.

1 John 3: 1. And you see how great is the love of the Father towards us, who has called us sons and made us (such). Therefore the world knows us not because it likewise does not know Him. 2. My beloved, now are we the sons of Elohim; and up to now it has not appeared what we are to be: but we know that when he will appear, we will be in his likeness and we will see him as he is. 3. And everyone that has this hope from him, purifies himself, as he is pure. (AENT)

Philippians 3: 20. But our concern is with heaven and from thence we expect our Life Giver, our Master, Y’shua the Mashiyach 21. who will change the body of our abasement, that it may have the likeness of the body of his glory according to his great power, whereby all things are made subject to him. (AENT)

Please pay close attention to the following passage:

1 Corinthians 15:35. But some one of you may say: How will the dead arise and with what body will they come forth? 36. Foolish man! The seed which you sow, is not resurrected unless it dies. 37. And that which you sow, you do not sow the body that is to be, but the naked kernel of wheat or barley, or of the other grains: 38. And Elohim gives it a body, according to His will; and to each of the grains its natural body.

39. And every body is not alike; for the body of a man is one thing, and that of a beast is another, and that of a bird is another, and that of a fish is another. 40. And there are bodies celestial, and bodies terrestrial; but the glory of the celestial (bodies) is one, and that of the terrestrial is another. 41. And the glory of the sun is one thing, and the glory of the moon is another, and the glory of the stars is another; and one star exceeds another star in glory.

42. So (it is) also with the resurrection of the dead. They are sown in corruption, they arise without corruption: 43. They are sown in dishonor, they arise in glory: they are sown in weakness, they arise in power: 44. is sown an animal body, it arises a spiritual body. For there is a body of the animal life, and there is a body of the spirit.

45. So also is it written: “Adam, the first man, became a living soul;” the second Adam (became) a resurrecting spirit. 46. And the spiritual was not first; but the animal, and then the spiritual. 47. The first man was of dust from the earth; the second man was Master YHWH from heaven.

48. As he was of the dust, so also those who are of the dust; and as was he who was from heaven, so also are the heavenly. 49. And as we have worn the likeness of him from the dust, so will we wear the likeness of him from heaven. 50. But this I say, my Brothers that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven: neither does corruption inherit incorruption.

51. Behold, I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed, 52. Suddenly, as in the twinkling of an eye, at the last shofar, when it will sound; and the dead will arise, without corruption; and we will be changed. 53. For this which is corruptible, is to put on incorruption; and that which dies, will put on immortality. 54. And when that which is corruptible, will put on incorruption, and that which dies, immortality; then will take place the Word that is written, “Death is absorbed in victory.” 55. Where is thy sting, O death? And where is thy victory, O Sheol?

56. Now the sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is Torah.[3] 57. But thanks be to Elohim that gives us the victory, through our Master Y’shua the Mashiyach. 58. Wherefore, my Brothers and my beloved, be steadfast, and not weak willed; but be at all times generous in the work of Master YHWH; seeing you know that your labor is not in vain in Master YHWH. (AENT)

[3] When Torah is diminished, the knowledge of sin is diminished; when Torah is increased the knowledge of sin is increased. The strength of sin is Torah, because it is Torah which makes it clear or plain what sin is; Torah explains sin and clarifies it. The sting of death is brought on by sin; the strength of sin is elucidated in Torah.

Last, but not least, please also read all of Romans 8. Please let me know what you think of the above, as I believe these passages serve to prove that we will definitely "look different" - and NOT appear as ordinary humans once we receive our “new” bodies upon Yeshua’s return.  


  1. DEAR sister Carmen, It was sooooooooooooooo sweet to meet you last night, w Tom here in our home. I've taken a quick glimpse of your website and am concluding that I need to rent a cabin in the woods...w WIFI...for a couple days to soak in all the living water that God is pouring through you.
    It's almost 11pm here in Atlan, and i need to stop as tomor promises to be a busy day...doing outreach to refugee and immigrant dads throughout the metro, then prepping to see my dear daughter's fam at 4pm.
    Please forgive me if I make any suggestions re: your website. No pressure to do anything or make any changes. I'll do my best not to be bossy or nitpick.
    One quick thing: I contrast the adjectives 'eternal' and 'immortal' in this way:
    1. only God is eternal; he always was, is, and always will be; no beginning or end point; sample text: Ex. 3:14 "I am that i am";
    2. you and I are not eternal; we are immortal; we had a beginning point, at conception.
    We know that many people use these words interchangeably, so i don't have a problem if you do also.
    Looking forward to meeting you, and swapping stories, though I REALLY want to hear your's first.
    If you get a chance, check out Ron Z's website THElongWALKhome veterans' ministry. We hope to join them in FL. for their bash on Nov. 12.
    God bless,

  2. Hi Carmen, pls let me know if you received that comment a moment the word eternal. bob

    1. Sorry, but I just received this as it's hard for me to get notifications on Live Writer. My late husband, Bill Welker, had set the blog comments up to go only to his email addy, and I only check it occasionally, as we had different email servers (or whatever you call it. I have Outlook and he used Mozilla Thunderbird..) Anyway, I haven't figured out how to get Live Writer to change things over to my own email addy...

  3. Yes, I received your comment re the word eternal. :)


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