Sunday, July 11, 2021

About “honoring” your parents…

Ephesians 6: 1. Children, obey your parents in our Master (Y’shua); for this is right. 2. And the first Commandment with promise is this: Honor your father and your mother; 3. that it may go beautifully for you and that your life may be prolonged on the earth. (AENT)

As I've shared many times, I had a very tumultuous childhood that included incest, rejection and both mental and physical abuse. I pretty much hated them because they made my life a living hell. The only thing I am able to "honor" now about my long-deceased natural parents is that YHWH chose them to give birth to me and I am thankful for that

But for those who have good and loving parents who tried to "raise them right" (despite any human failings they might have) - my advice is to let the verse above sink into your heart, mind and soul, because it is ELOHIM's Truth.

If there is any animosity, let it go and simply honor them because those two parents (regardless of the situation, regardless of their shortcomings, regardless of however "unlovable" they might be) were chosen by God to give YOU life.

If your life has not gone well (or, as the above version says: "beautifully"), perhaps part, or much of the reason is that you've ignored God's command to HONOR your parents.

(NOTE: He didn't say you had to "like" or even "love" your parents; He said you are to HONOR them, if you want things in your own life to "go well"...)


  1. A quick note to those who feel guilty about not being the best son or daughter you could have been to parents who are now deceased, simple remember this:

    Once our parents are dead and gone, we must realize there is nothing we can do to change anything. It is what it is, and what happened, happened. No "reboots" or "do-overs" once someone has died.

    The ONLY thing we can do is to forgive ourselves for our part and remember that God will deal with THEM and THEIR part ... and hope that they repented for "their part" in "provoking their children to anger" (Ephesians 6:4).

    There are TWO SIDES to every story!

  2. I still live with my parents but find myself at odds with them over many things. They mock me for taking the Bible seriously and literally as well doing my best to apply biblical guidelines to my world. One area they are perplexed by is generational curses.
    One More thing: I hope everything in your world is going ok and I am sorry for your loss.

    1. Hello Kevin. Thanks for writing. Yes, everything in my world is moving right along, thank you. YHWH has made my path smooth, in spite of my horrific loss, and I thank Him for the 21 beautiful years He saw fit to give me with my husband.

      I’m sorry you’re at odds with your parents. Perhaps you could move out and find your own place? If not, then just continue to believe, hear AND do, and live out your faith to the best of your abilities, and ask them to leave you to YOUR choice, just as you leave them to theirs.

      I don’t understand why they are perplexed by generational curses. Parents pass onto their children both good and bad traits. If the parents are drug addicts or alcoholics, or pedophiles, or abusive or whatever, chances are really good that the children (unless there is some kind of intervention) will follow suit because their “norm” is how they were raised. They don’t know any different. Those who don’t know Scripture from cover to cover WILL continue to live in sin, because the enemy and his wiles are a very strong attraction.


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