Monday, December 2, 2019

There IS a way to drop that “baggage” you’re carrying around….

In keeping with my earlier post about "strongholds" - here's a perfect example once told to me by a wise old pastor who noticed I was carrying a lot of "baggage"....

A mother fox once had her babies in a farmer's barnyard and then promptly abandoned them. Naturally, the farmer took pity on them and raised each one, himself. They were playful and adorable, and he loved them all. Once they started growing, they began to banter and play by grabbing a hold of the farmer’s pant legs and allowing him to drag them around the barnyard on their bellies.

While this was cute and a lot of fun, the farmer noticed that as those little foxes got bigger, they were harder to drag along. Eventually, after just a few months, he couldn't move at all anymore when they descended upon his pant leg....

The above example can be likened to the "baggage" in our own lives. The baggage is hardly noticeable at first, because we feel confident that we’ve dealt with it; but as time goes along, we begin to realize that those “bad memories” we thought we had squashed, keep returning to haunt us.

In other words, the “baggage” starts getting heavier and heavier; and pretty soon, it bogs us down altogether to the point where we can hardly function in our daily life.

The key to "getting rid of our baggage" is first begin to realize that we have some! Then, we need to start dropping it - and the best way to do that, is to hand everything over to YHWH ... tell Him you're tired of it and don't want it anymore.

After that, every time you start feeling depressed or bogged down in any way, recognize it for what it is: an attack by the enemy, who will try - until the day you leave this earth - to return that baggage to you ... for, without that "baggage" he has LOST control of you!

Whenever you feel attacked, do what Yeshua did when "tempted" by Satan: Quote Torah passages that remind the enemy (that mere CREATED being!) as to WHO is in charge. Don't argue with him - just hand it all to YHWH, for He is the only One who has the power to fight the evil spirits "behind the scenes."

One day you'll realize that your load is constantly getting lighter, or even gone, altogether ... but still, never let your guard down, because the enemy is VERY sneaky....


  1. What would it be like if people applied the Bible to the ills of our fallen world (homosexuality, adultery, racism, pedophilia, drug use, promiscuity, divorce, etc)? Instead of being against such ills, many people defend or make excuses for them.

  2. Good question. I can't answer it! Most people today have abandoned YHWH, so they have no answers for the ills they make excuses for.


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