Thursday, December 26, 2019

My final word about Christmas this year

On the news this morning, we saw a list of the ten most popular Christmas songs of 2019 - and not one of them was about Jesus - who is THE supposed "reason for the season." They are all about "me" and "what I want" and "gift giving" and "feel good" stuff that has nothing, whatsoever to do with the Kingdom of YHWH....

And since Christmas doesn't have anything to do with Jesus (which it actually doesn't, but that's a whole 'nuther story), WHAT is its purpose? WHY has Christmas been allowed to masquerade as one of YHWH's High Holy Days, when it has NOTHING to do with the birth of His Son?

According to every Christmas song we're bombarded with in stores for a least two months before Christmas, it's all about "Santa Claus" (who knows whether you've been bad or good) coming to town"....

And, let's get real here: You KNOW young children are believing the lies they're told, as evidenced by one 5 year old boy who recently called 911 to enlist help in arresting the Grinch who is trying to steal Christmas ... and the cops obliged him!

My question is: While it's good to nurture a child's imagination, what makes it okay to LIE to innocent little human beings who absorb your every word as Gospel Truth? And WHY do we do it ESPECIALLY at a time when the child is supposed to be learning about God's SON?

According to what we see and hear for two full months or more BEFORE Christmas, it's all about BUY, BUY, BUY! Go into debt, debt, debt so you can place those gifts under the tree. (NONE of which happened during the actual birth of our Divine Messiah....)

So, why am I writing this?

I'm writing this because I've belonged to YHWH hook, line and sinker since the day He opened my eyes in January 1995, and it pains me VERY much to witness that most "believers" in this world seem to be only half-hearted types who "look the other way" when it comes to YHWH and His Word.

They don't mind that Christmas is about everything EXCEPT God! Oh sure - many run to church on Christmas Eve and believe themselves to have fulfilled their duty to God. But the reality is, you don't hear them lamenting about the LIES surrounding this "holiday", or the fact that so many DO go into debt to buy gifts - which clearly goes against Scripture (2 Kings 4:7; Proverbs 17:18; 22:7; 22:26-27; Nehemiah 5:3-5; Matthew 6:24, etc.)

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that, if believers don't mind the things I mentioned above, it reveals that they're only good at "talking the talk" because "walking the walk" is a foreign concept to them.

THAT is what irks me about Christmas - the HYPOCRISY!

And that's the last thing I have to say about this sickening fake of a "holiday". I hope and pray that anyone reading this, who sees nothing wrong with Christmas, will re-examine where they are spiritually, get INTO the Bible to see what God actually expects of HIS people, and then begin to DO it. He has a weekly Sabbath (a weekly "date") just for us; along with seven amazing High Holy Days - spread throughout the year (our "yearly dates" with Him) - each of which has a special meaning tied directly to Jesus (whose actual given Hebrew name is Yeshua - which means, "YHWH is Salvation".

Unfortunately, most of the world is blind to that.

How sad!


  1. Years ago (early 2000), I was living in the Pacific Northwest and a local credit union had a radio spot. The spot went something like this: after the holidays, it's bills blues. Nowadays, as a believer, I see the disgrace, chaos, stress and other hoopla the holidays can bring to people. To me, Thanksgiving and Christmas are "just another day."

    1. I would add Easter to that, Kevin, because it, too, is steeped in human traditions and nonsense.

  2. What's your opinion towards Disney and sports (other things that are vital to our culture)? More than likely you can't turn on your tv or go to the store and NOT see something related to those respective areas.

  3. Not at all sure I follow what you are asking. Disney and sports have a number of valid purposes but, like Christmas, aka "Santa Claus", both in large part are also designed to milk as much money as they can from the public. By that measure alone, Disney, sports and Christmas all have the same purpose. Consequently you see Disney and sports on TV practically ALL the time. (To keep a product selling, it must be seen.) But Christmas is the only one of the three that masquerades as a holy day.


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