Monday, October 14, 2019

Reader questions the titles of “God” and “Lord”, etc.


I've often had this battle:

if/when I concede to use the terms God/Jesus for these reasons (while speaking to Christian friends), they claim that "it's the same God".'

My hang up with that is, is God double minded? Is he wrong? Because Christians who call Him God, Lord, and Jesus say that God basically abolished Torah. Its OK to eat pork, observe Christmas, etc etc etc. And the Greco-Roman understanding of God continues on.

This is a strange God to me, because Yahweh is not like this. The relationship and understanding between us and the Creator (Torah) is different than theirs.

What happens is: they say "its the same God, we just love Him differently". Well, is it ok to stay outside of a Torah-observant lifestyle?

All constructive replies are greatly appreciated


Thanks for your question.  You're right - once we KNOW the "Sacred Names", we should use them and definitely teach them to others. What I'm always trying to get through to people, though, is that so many Hebrew Roots (HR) types get downright MEAN about it, acting like a bunch of know-it-all, holier-than-thou Schmucks - which turns people OFF. And when people are turned off, you've lost what YHWH wants us to do, which defeats the whole purpose!

The thing is - God, Lord, etc. are just TITLES we use in the language we speak. WHY would that be "pagan" as so many HR types insist?

There's nothing wrong with using the TITLES in our OWN language. Unless we were born into a Hebrew speaking household, none of us popped out of the womb speaking Hebrew! So, why - when people find their way to Torah - is everything suddenly "PAGAN"?

While Christianity is very much OFF the mark on several levels, the fact remains, they ARE referring to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! They're NOT referring to Buddha or Krishna or some "sacred cow" in Hinduism. They believe in YHWH and the Divine Messiah He sent!

Unfortunately, Gentiles have skewed His Word and ignored and picked and chosen and "read into" Scripture things that aren't there and consequently, we have something like 50,000 different "denominations" - each one claiming to be THE right one.... THAT is what we are supposed to be trying to get them past.

But since most HR types are such raving lunatics, expecting anyone they talk to, to "do an immediate 180" just because they (the exalted HR self-proclaimed "teachers") tell them to, they tend to LOSE people, thus defeating the purpose.

The Hebrew Roots "movement" - with its myriad "denominations" and false teachers and weirdos verbally beating the stuffins out of everyone who doesn't agree with THEIR exalted use, ideas, or spellings of the transliteration of the "Sacred Names" - is its own worst enemy.

In all honesty - many who are out there yelling the loudest, seemed to have learned from total morons who got their initial intro to HR from somebody on Facebook where EVERYBODY who's been in Torah for 5 minutes believes themselves to be a Hebrew and Bible "expert"....

And yes, "Jesus" wasn't Messiah's name. It's simply the "translated" version, as my husband explains in our blog article, which I hope you'll take a couple minutes to read it, because most don't bother, and continue to ask and challenge ad nauseam.


  1. Carmen, would you please post the material that I send you through e-mail regarding these issues?

    1. Kevin, I didn't receive any emails from you regarding this issues. Are you talking about some that you sent a long time ago? If so, I may not have them anymore.

    2. There are many lukewarm types out there. They say "I believe in Jesus" one minute, the next they deny, mock, skew or twist Scripture to justify their attitudes, habits, lifestyles, etc.
      They are lukewarm to topics like Creation, the Patriarchs, the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah and doing our best to obey Torah. They act as though those things mean nothing. On the other hand, I meditate about that stuff as much as I can.


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