Friday, October 4, 2019

A word about vaping, smoking and the “stupidity” epidemic in America….

I never cease to be amazed over the lack common sense in America. This "vaping" problem we're experiencing where people are literally DYING from whatever toxin they're sucking into their lungs, is being marginalized not only by the vaping industry (which has fought and won the first battle to block a BAN on e-cigs), but also by people who smoke or vape...

After all - gosh, golly, gee - people "have a RIGHT to smoke and vape" ... and to kill themselves with whatever method they choose, while blaming everyone but themselves, and then suing the company that makes the thing that made them sick....

That's Americans for ya! I remember, the same thing happening in the Eighties with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Doctors were reporting that "unsafe" sexual practices were the crux of the epidemic, and were consequently trying to warn people to NOT engage in "unprotected sex."

I remember discussing this issue with my then-co-workers in the Public Affairs Office of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command where - as was always the case in every public relations office I've ever worked in - I was the ONLY Republican conservative, and ended up being the "butt of their jokes" with my "old-fashioned" ideas......

Anyway, my suggestion that the ONLY way to stop the HIV epidemic would be for people to STOP the promiscuity and stick with only one sex partner, was met with icy stares, chuckles and rebukes that made it plain that people "like me" shouldn't impose their prudish ways on "modern society" where people had an unimpeded "right" to choose their next, random sex partner.

Even though I wasn't a true Believer back then, I DID have plenty of common sense (that I now know, lined up with Scripture, even though I didn't realize it back then). Unfortunately, common sense hasn't been popular in America over the last two centuries, and I'm obviously in the minority..
Why can't anybody see that "liberal ideas" and mindsets are THE reason why we're experiencing an "epidemic of chaos" in just about all facets of our lives today. People smoke too much, drink too much, do drugs too much, fumigate their gardens without bothering to don face masks, etc. - and then, when they end up with cancer or another killer disease, they sue the people who made the products which made them sick....

America has become SO lacking in common sense that one has to wonder whether to laugh or cry.

Regardless, I'm going to once again stick my neck out and suggest that ALL vaping devices and their nasty perfume chemicals should be banned. Period. They are SICKENING to even be around!

My husband and I were at a neighbor's house party a couple years ago, where some teenage girl was puffing on a vape device outside on the porch. Of course, the "smoke" from that thing permeated EVERYTHING and gave me an instant migraine, and we had to leave thanks to the nasty, perfumy chemicals. There was no use in trying to ask her to stop because - well, after all, she "had a right" to vape (just like the cigarette smokers "had a right to smoke" on the porch - and the owners of the house allowed it.

What people have never seemed to realize is that THEIR nasty habits can affect everyone around them. And, say what you like, but that's NOT fair! Perhaps the answer is for ALL of us to lose our common sense and for the non-vapers and non-smokers to start suing those who do "for ruining our quality of life" because THEIR bad habits are making US sick....

What a ridiculous world this has become.

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