Thursday, March 23, 2017

Well, lo and behold - it WAS another Muslim!

Well, lo and behold - it WAS a Muslim! What a surprise, eh?

So... my question now is, WHEN are MUSLIMS going to stand up against this kind of thing? Why are Muslims around the world QUIET about this kind of behavior?  Why don’t we see MUSLIMS from that supposed “religion of peace” protesting ISIS and Al Qaida, and other hate/violence groups from their illustrious religion? 

Silence = condoning, folks.....


  1. Shali and Liam, I remind myself and see for myself everyday how true the Bible is and that YHWH is calling us to repentance. I believe that someday YHWH will put an end to this nonsense (Tsephanyahu 2:11, 2 Peter 3:7).

    1. Kevin, truer words were never spoken!!!

    2. In these days and times, do you consider this a wise saying: What started in the Middle East (Genesis 11 and 12) will end in the Middle East (Joel 4:2, Revelation 16:12-16)?

    3. Actually, Kevin, that sounds plausible, doesn't it? I mean, the battle of Armageddon is said to be fought in Megiddo, which is in the Middle East! :)


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