Wednesday, May 4, 2016

If you keep doing what you've been doing.....

I used to be a facilitator for a church’s quarterly “Singles Adjustment Seminar” designed to help newly divorced and widowed people cope with their sudden “single” status.  One of the things we kept reminding people of was: “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re gonna keep getting what you got.”  Simple and straightforward, it meant, if you’re a drug, food/sugar or sex addict or an alcoholic – or whatever addictions or habits you have allowed to rule your life and make you miserable – and you refuse to “kick” the habit/addiction by whatever means possible, then you should expect NOTHING to change.  Ever.  

Before I go on, I have a confession to make:  I personally am a “sugar junkie” who constantly has to employ some MAJOR willpower to not eat cookies or cake and junk on a daily basis.  I KNOW it’s NOT easy to say “no” to yourself!  The only things that keep me from over-doing the sweets is to make sure I don’t bring them home from the grocery store (for I know  those things will call to me from the cupboard and cause me to stumble!); AND to remind myself that my body is YHWH’s Temple and I have the privilege of caring for it.  It’s truly a delicate balance to make the decision to give in to “self” (and thereby risk my health) or make HIM proud of me.

YHWH has, through Scripture, shown us EXACTLY how to live a holy/set apart life for Him.  If you’ve fallen off His Path, then you need to come to the conclusion that it’s up to YOU to get back on that Path!  You can’t continue to blame others for your failures; and you need to teach yourself to stop making excuses such as, “Well, I CAN’T quit!” or “I’ve tried, but it didn’t work!” or whatever -  because with God, ANYTHING is possible!  All you’re doing is sabotaging yourself (and maybe even heading for suicide, depending on your habit/addiction) by making endless excuses for your behavior…and you need to take some time to sit down and ask yourself:  WHERE is this behavior coming from?  Why do I have a rage/anger problem that drives others away?  Why do I feel the need to drink/do drugs/eat so much on a daily basis?  Why do I constantly seek new sex partners?   Why, why, WHY?  Be brutally honest with yourself for once, even if it hurts and then DECIDE to make a change! 

KNOWING “why” is the most important key to helping yourself stop the behavior.  Getting to the “root” cause is like peeling back the layers of an onion; it can take time and there might be some really painful layers to peel off and toss away.  The thing is, you can choose to stay in the rut you’re in, OR – with God’s help – FACE your past and kick the root cause out of your life so that it will no longer have a strangle hold on you. There are all kinds of programs today for all kinds of addictions and habits that need to be broken, so why not take advantage of them? 

Don’t allow the enemy to make you miserable anymore.  Pray for guidance.  Those who diligently seek WILL find an answer (Matthew 7:7)!  YHWH answers prayers in all kinds of ways including through Scripture, prayer, pastors/rabbis and other believers.  Try to be aware of the many ways He can reach you.  You’ll be glad you did! 

John 8:43  Because of what reason do you not comprehend my word?  Because you are not able to hear my word!  44 You are from the accusing father.  And the lusts of your father you want to do, who from the beginning killed men.  And he does not stand in truth because there is no truth in him.  When he speaks a falsehood from himself, he speaks because he is a liar, even its father!  45 But because I speak truly, you do not believe me!   46 Who among you rebukes me concerning sin?  And if I speak the truth, why do you not believe me?   47 He who is from Elohim hears the words of Elohim.  Because of this you do not hear because you are not from Elohim! (AENT) 

2 Timothy 2:15. And study to present yourself before Elohim perfectly, a laborer who is not ashamed, one who correctly announces the Word of Truth.  (AENT) 

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it will be given to you.  Seek, and you will find.  Knock, and it will be opened to you.  8 For anyone that asks will receive, and that seeks, will find.  And to him that knock, it will be opened to him.

2 Corinthians 4:4. To them whose minds the god of this world has blinded, in order that they might not believe, or else the light of the Flame (Good News) of the glory of the Mashiyach (who is the likeness of Elohim) should dawn upon them.  5. For it is not ourselves that we preach, but the Mashiyach, Y’shua our Master;[1] and, as to ourselves, that we are your servants for Y’shua’ sake.  6. Because Elohim, who commanded the light to arise from darkness, has Himself shined in our hearts, that we might be illuminated with the knowledge of the glory of Elohim on the face of Y’shua the Mashiyach.[2]  

7. But we have this treasure in an earthen vessel that the excellence of the power might be from Elohim, and not from us.  8. And in everything we are oppressed, but not suffocated; we are corrected, but not condemned;  9. We are persecuted, but not forsaken; we are prostrated, but not perish.  10. For we bear in our body, at all times, the dying of Y’shua; that the life also of Y’shua might be manifested in our body.  11. For if we are delivered over alive to death, for Y’shua’s sake, even so also will the life of Y’shua be manifested in this our mortal body.  12. Now therefore, in us death is active, but in you, life.  (AENT)


[1]   Just as Y’shua spoke in his Father’s Name, so does Paul speak in the name of Y’shua Mashiyach.  Paul’s authority was not on the basis of his own name.  Neither was Paul given any authority to do away with Torah; this is simply a Pagan or Hellenistic ideology that is projected upon Paul.

[2]  This verse strengthens the idea that the glory of Elohim is “reflected” in Y’shua’s face.

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