Friday, May 6, 2016

A word to those who feel they are “too holy” to vote

I have to be honest here – I am getting really tired of people insisting they’re not going to vote at all because they don’t want to vote for “the lesser of two evils!” This happens during every election. "I'm not voting for 'the lesser of two evils', and besides God is in charge!" My goodness, “Lesser of two evils” is just a colloquialism and does not actually mean we are choosing between "evils". We live in and must deal with this “lost world” and to do NOTHING about a situation is the SAME as doing evil...Let me explain:

We live in "Babylon"....The whole world is Babylon! We can't just sit and do nothing; we must choose leaders or else there will be constant chaos. That is simply a fact of life. Unfortunately, most leaders aren't into YHWH/Yeshua/Torah. There’s nothing we can do about that except to make OUR voices heard. But they can't be heard if you stay at home and sit on Election Day because you feel you are "too holy" to get involved.

“I’m not voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’ because God wouldn’t approve.” Well, you know what? He doesn’t approve of your lethargy, either! After all, this is why abortions are a “right” today and why “gay marriage” is all the rage – because not enough of YHWH’s people opened their mouths to protest these things! Evil prevailed BECAUSE “good men did nothing!” YHWH can’t use you for His Glory if you don’t open your mouth in protest AGAINST evil...whatever it takes; whatever the cost....

Not bothering to go to the voting booth to vote for the rest of the people who are running for various offices is basically "doing nothing" to prevent the rest of the population from CHOOSING poor candidates. By NOT voting at all (you can, in many states, write in a candidate!) you are, in essence allowing the clueless and godless people of the USA to make ALL the decisions. Is that what you really want?

That is, after all, how Obama got into office and consequently, the USA has become the laughingstock of the world and viewed as weak and insignificant. I distinctly remember during BOTH times he was voted in, the “too holy to vote” types were busy coercing others to not vote, by guilting them into thinking they would upset YHWH by voting for “the lesser of two evils.”

Well, thanks to those who DIDN’T vote against Obama, we have ISIS running all over the Middle East killing everyone who crosses their paths - because ISIS was just waiting in the wings for the US leave the Middle East! Thanks to those who DIDN’T vote against Obama, abortion is “no big deal” today and "gay marriage" is considered the norm - remember Obama SAID these things were GOOD! The moment he opened his mouth about it, the snowball left the Oval Office and headed downhill and now we are fighting to keep "confused men" out of America's Ladies Rooms!

Things are so upside-down now BECAUSE “good” people refuse to get involved. YHWH’s people have volunteered no voice and they are being subjugated and viewed as the enemy now BECAUSE they stay at home and don’t vote! They’re forever “taking a back seat” and keeping their mouths shut while the BAD and ungodly elbow their way to the front to make THEIR voices heard!

We have not only all those who voted FOR Obama to thank for the ultimate mess the United States has become...BUT ALSO those who refused to get their duffs out there to vote AGAINST him 8 years ago! ("Oh, I'M not going to vote for the lesser of two evils because GOD is in charge!" Yes, He is! But the world is not IN Torah, and it's up to us to be that small, still voice trying to GET PEOPLE TO SEE what YHWH commands, and how we COULD get on the "right track" IF we would only stop doing things "our way.")

Doing NOTHING is how Hitler was able to get away with killing six million of YHWH's people! Many people KNEW (they could smell the stench from the ovens in their towns and villages!), as did Hitler's officers - but they did NOTHING. God was in charge back then, too, was He not? And, still, six million died! Folks, He ALLOWS us to do whatever we want! He EXPECTS HIS PEOPLE to not only LIVE IN TORAH but also to open their mouths AGAINST EVIL - whatever it takes! Doing nothing is COWARDLY!

Yes, YHWH IS in charge, but WE LIVE IN BABYLON and HAVE to deal with it. Our job is to speak out AGAINST evil in whatever way we can - which includes GOING to the voting booth and voting - even if it is to write in a candidate. NOT do so, is to allow the godless of America to make ALL our decisions for us! How can you throw any crowns at Yeshua's feet if you never earned any for yourself?

In closing, I'm not going to vote for either the screeching Hillary or the cussing, loud-mouthed, megalomaniac schoolyard bully, Donald. However, I WILL be going to the voting booth to VOICE MY OPINION by voting for or writing in another candidate, AND to vote for the rest of those who are running for various offices. As Americans that is not only our RIGHT but also our obligation!


  1. Thank you for the clarity. There are definately many senators and congressional office holders to vote for in this next election and voting them in will be extremely important. Paul was a Roman citizen and even though the Roman Empire was evil, he did not renounce his citizenship.
    Unfortunately America is moving away from YVWH at such a rapid rate that His judgement and punishment is probably needed. I think it is wise for His people to prepare for some very bad times.

    1. Amein, Rick - and RIGHT ON! Thanks for taking the time to post!

  2. Shalom,

    I refuse to vote. I refuse to pay taxes to Babylon. Voting is a violent act as it forces my candidiate onto someone else. There is no righteous candidates and validating a failed system doesn't bring change.

    I am not to support any government that isn't doing the work of YHWH. 80% of tax dollars will go towards killing innocent human beings in far off lands. I am not planning on having to make that many amends. Yeshua was an anarchist. He understood none of the human made governments would ever hold a candle to Him or the Father.

    1. Andrew, how are you managing to live in the US if you're not paying taxes? You have to pay taxes on the food you buy and on any purchases you make....

      Since "validating a failed system doesn't bring change" I am sincerely interested to know what YOU are doing to help bring about change. Or are you just sitting there, watching it all unfold and complaining about it?

  3. I will be writing in that "I do no consent yo be governed"

    1. So, you intend to ignore speed limit signs, and refuse to report for jury duty, etc?


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