Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Challenging Bruce Springsteen's attempt to use his "star power" to force the rest of us into submission to support abnomal behavior

Okay, I can’t help myself – I HAVE to chime in on this latest “LGBT” bathroom battle. As you’ve probably all heard by now, ol’ Bruce Springsteen recently canceled his North Carolina concert because he feels it’s not right to prevent some dude who thinks he’s a girl from using the Ladies Room.  (And now, this legislation in North Carolina “could impact the NBA’s ability to host the 2017 All-Star game in Charlotte, the league announced Thursday”… )

Yes, GREAT idea - let’s all get together and withdraw our money-making skills to support a minority group making some really weird, outlandish and downright bizarre demands!

Well, unlike Springsteen, I don’t have access to “big media” (I‘ve just been a “working stiff” all my life who’s never stood on stage to be idolized and worshipped), so, here’s me exercising my First Amendment Rights on places like Facebook and on my own website. Here goes:

Mr. Springsteen, I’m saddened that you – someone who SINGS for a living and thus happens to have access to the media to proclaim his ungodly, poorly-thought-out opinions on such a volatile, delicate and complex subject – believe YOU have the right to decide WHO enters gender-specific restrooms! So, sure, cancel your cotton-pickin’ concert! Who cares? It’s not a matter of life or death for anyone…especially me, because I don’t like your music, anyway!

But I’m left wondering just who you think you are, using your “idol power” to make the statement that some confused person should use the restroom of whatever gender they “choose” to be? What about women like me who don’t wish to have a male entering the public restroom I use? Do I not count? Obviously not! Has it ever occurred to you that, if the laws pass to allow “transgenders” to use public ladies’ rooms, the lunatics of the world with rape on their mind will take advantage of the situation by slipping on a dress and lie in wait in some bathroom stall? Nobody will question it, because this – like “gay marriage” – will soon become the norm.

So. what about MY rights to NOT have some crazy jerk walking in on me while I’m in the ladies room…what about MY rights to NOT be fearful of entering a public restroom, dreading that I might be raped by some nutcase pretending to be “transgender?” I’m not quite 5’ 3” and weigh a whopping 109 pounds with all my clothes on. What chance do I have against some big, burly guy in a dress accosting me in a bathroom stall? If he does everything “just right” I won’t even be able to scream or struggle – and maybe I’ll even end up dead. Is THAT all right with you, Mr. Springsteen? Do I not have the RIGHT to remain unharmed whenever I use a public toilet? Can YOU guarantee that nothing bad will happen to me if these ridiculous LGBT “uni-sex” public restroom laws are passed?

Here’s the bottom line: I don’t know whether or not you’re a “believer” in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His Word (the Bible). But without bothering to quote any of the myriad scriptures that discuss sexual perversion and the specific behavioral rules and dress codes God outlines for men and women, I want to make you aware of a thing civilized societies rely upon, called RULES. Rules are designed to protect everyone. The rules in the United States and in all other modern civilized societies have always mandated separate restrooms – for both privacy and safety reasons. People like yourself have NO right to decide that these rules should change to allow “confused” people to use “whichever restrooms” they choose to use! I pray you are capable of understanding that!

I feel for those who believe themselves to be “in the wrong body”; however, we must also employ some common sense here. And common sense dictates that those with a penis enter MEN’s restrooms. End of story! The bottom line is, they are NOT women! If they fear they will be beaten up in the men’s rooms for wearing dresses, then perhaps they should consider wearing pants whenever they’re in the general public and plan on using public restrooms. Why should WE – the majority of the population who KNOW their gender and abide by the rules – suddenly have to submit to YOUR skewed “worldly” opinions that sympathize with the desires of those who aren’t happy with the gender on their birth certificates?

The world is turned upside-down enough without people like you presuming they should use their “star power” to help to FORCE perversion down our throats! It’s bad enough that “gayness” has been forced upon the world as “normal” (you can’t watch TV or a movie anymore without at least one “gay” scene!); but don’t you DARE pretend you can force ME to have to start fearing entrance into public restrooms. THAT is where I draw the line! YOUR “rights” end where MINE begin, and vice-versa!

Because of people like you, we are in a modern-day Sodom and Gemorrah - and if you don’t know what that means, I suggest you Google it. God has removed His mighty hand from the world BECAUSE of the rampant decadence and disobedience to His Word – and this the reason for all the natural disasters, the crazy, destructive weather patterns, and all the hideous happenings in the world. (Just watch the daily news and you’ll see what I mean. These things aren’t “just coincidence”….Read the Books of Daniel and Revelation!)

Yes, cancel every concert you wish, but do NOT tread on MY rights! Because you’ve made your RIDICULOUS “statement” that pushes the demise of morality and decency and the rights of others to continue using public restrooms without fear, I highly suggest that ALL those who believe in God boycott you and all those who are stepping into the limelight to support the LGBT “movement” in their attempt to force the world to accept deviant behavior as “normal.” Perhaps you would start “speaking out the other side of your mouth” if you ended up bankrupt because nobody is buying your music! (That’s probably never going to happen because most of America, it seems, doesn’t have any morals today. Most don’t care what God commanded…but trust me, they WILL one day…The Bible tells us so!)

Regardless, it’s high time for people to start fighting back against all abnormal agendas! Whether or not we “win” is irrelevant, but if we stand firm for God, then at least on Judgment Day, we’ll be able to hold our heads high and tell Him, “I did my best for You!”


  1. How did America end up embracing and supporting things that will bring our downfall? Why do other nations (Russia and China) realize the dangers of things we tolerate and practice (Islam, racism, pedophiles, sodomy, homosexuality, etc.)?

    1. Kevin, that is a VERY good question! The thing is, the USA has been so blessed by YHWH and so privileged over the years, and that privilege has led to feelings of "entitlement" and egotism by unbelievers and the "lukewarm" who only warm the pews on Sunday morning but aren't really that much into God - which has also led to elitism and feelings of superiority, etc.

      Whenever we forget to seek YHWH/Yeshua in everything, we end up following our carnal natures and, as you know, once decadence takes a hold, satan has you exactly where he wants you....

  2. Hats off to you, Shali! You are a voice of common sense in a world glaringly laden with insanity.

    1. THANK YOU! I'm so sick and tired of being bullied by the "fringes" and their agendas. I would have no problem with them if their wants and desires didn't constantly impact my life. But they are - and I'm not taking it anymore! I'm sick of the "stars" abusing their silly "star power" to force the rest of us into submission. They're really nobodies - spoiled brats with a talent everyone loves;and consequently, they believe themselves to be world leaders and things they are NOT. They're actors and ball players. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Unfortunately, their "star power" works because many worship them (that's why a ball player receives MILLIONS for merely playing a game and movie "stars" receive millions for pretending to be someone else!)...They have no clue what it is for the rest of us in a workaday world.

      The world has all its priorities mixed up and Hollyweird is right in the middle of it, promoting the weirdness. "Lost" folks are pushing God's people around, and I'm not taking it lying down! They're out of control and somebody needs to shut them up.

  3. Me and my house are with you Sister Shali.

  4. HALLELUJAH! Thank you, Shali, for being bold enough in clearly speaking the truth!!

    Regarding Springsteen, etc., I do not spend money to go see any performer and I would not have gone to see him anyway, no matter where he might have a concert, and even if the admission were free. I do not attend ANY of these entertainment “events” (including sports), many of which are on Sabbath.” I have much better things to do with my money.

    We all need to have our focus on what is holy. I do not have time for the foolishness of this world. The horrible stench of this world is growing stronger daily. If everyone stops admiring these so-called “celebrities” and stops esteeming them as idols, they would have to find another source of income.

    In addition to our being concerned about ourselves in such a situation (i.e., where any gender is allowed to use a gender specific bathroom), we also have children to be concerned about.

    It is truly a sad day in this country when communist countries are more supportive than our own country is of what is morally correct. This country, the USA, is legitimizing aberrant behavior which even animals don’t do.

    We must pray for Yahweh’s mercy and protection as the stench of this world gets stronger every moment. We must pray for those at the forefront of the battle. We must pray for people like you, Shali, who are publicly taking a stand against such unbelievably filthy, despicable trash.

    Thank you very much, Shali.

    1. Thanks for your great post. I agree with every word you wrote!


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