Saturday, February 6, 2016

Accepting the "spiritual" world but not the "physical"?

It's one thing to accept and understand the things of the "spiritual" world.  It's another to accept and understand the physical world.

In the spiritual world, we understand that much is simply "not known" and we accept it on faith that it "is" or that it happened.  For example: "...these things are but written that you might believe that Y’shua is the Mashiyach, the Son of Elohim, and when you believe you might have in his name life that is eternal." (AENT).  We read the miracles of Y'shua, and we are encouraged to believe they happened, and we have faith that they did happen, without any proof whatsoever.  It helps us in our earthly walk to accept the scriptures and live by Torah, and it builds our faith that we are saved (meaning we will have received eternal life.)  We don't desire - or need - "proof" that the miracles performed by the Messiah actually happened.

Many other examples are found in the Tanach (often misnamed the "Old Testament").  Take for example the 10 plagues on Egypt in Exodus chapters 7 to 11. All the plagues are taken on faith that they happened, as scripture describes.  We hardly ever hear of anyone actually asking "how" the plagues happened, or even "if" they happened!  It is simply accepted and understood that they did happen!  I could list many other examples.
"Things which are hidden belong to Adonai our God. But the things that have been revealed belong to us and our children forever, so that we can observe all the words of this Torah." Deuteronomy 29:29 (29:28 in some versions) CJB
On the other hand, in the physical world, there are great numbers who insist on "proof" of things which are actually within their own powers to "prove".  Take for example those who refuse to believe the earth is a sphere in orbit around the sun, insisting instead the earth is flat and all the stars, sun and moon revolve around the earth!  It is well within the power of the intelligence of humans to discern that the earth, indeed, is a sphere in orbit around the sun, indeed; it's been revealed to us (look again at Deuteronomy 29:29, above), yet these people refuse to believe it!  There is ample evidence all around us, every day, that the earth is a sphere, in orbit around the sun, moving through space, yet people will choose to believe the earth is flat and that it is not moving!

Therefore, in matters of the spiritual world and in matters of Scripture they simply accept, by faith, the things of scripture did happen, and are true; yet for things of the physical world, of which they, themselves can see - they, they are simply blind. 

What is going on?

Have we a problem in our school system?  Do kids somehow get all the way through elementary and secondary education and miss the knowledge and skills needed to assess the world we live in?  How do they fail to develop the knowledge and discernment to understand that in today's world anyone can make a video and place it on "YouTube" purporting, for example, to "prove" the earth is flat? How can they not know that all the arguments in all the "flat earth" videos are simply bogus nonsense concocted by an unknowing individual?  A video on YouTube does not make it "proof" of anything! Simply observing the signs available to everyone, all people can see that the earth is not flat, yet put a video on YouTube "proving" the earth is flat and many will believe it! Similarly information found on INTERNET websites - most of which is complete made-up garbage, yet you find thousands of people foaming at the mouth blindly believing the drivel!  There are so many INTERNET websites which publish nothing but garbage, yet myriads believe and share the garbage with others! I say again:

What is going on???

(YouTube is not the only problem. There are thousands of popular websites which are also complete JUNK, but people flock to them and blindly believe and share the worthless articles on these sites as "truth".  Somehow, people have missed the fact that many websites are nothing but "content farms" (look it up) and with these websites, absolutely nothing needs to be the "truth" because the only purpose of the website is to make money!  These "content farm" websites don't care about honesty and accuracy, they only care about viewership/readership!  The more viewers, the more $$$ they make.  Examples of a content farm are "" and "" - and there are many, many more.)

I saw the other day a meme on Facebook - you know what a "meme" is - it's a graphic with some wise (or dumb) saying, or some political statement, or maybe just a pleasantry of some kind.  It's spread from person to person to person by "sharing".  Well, this meme was a photo of the illustrious criminal, Edward Snowden, and the meme purported to be a "quote" from this thief which claimed, he (Snowden) had documents which showed the US, UK, and Israel had "conspired to create ISIS"! A little research revealed the meme was a complete lie, a hoax, and that no such quote was made by Snowden, nor did he have any documents suggesting it. (Even Snowden's personal lawyer denied the quote as a hoax).  Yet, people believe the meme and readily shared it!  I say again:


In another example, I saw a short video clip on FaceBook of a middle eastern man in a white robe (known as a thawb or thobe), riding one of those two-wheeled "hoverboards" (you know, the kind in the news recently, warning the public of the fact that many were catching on fire).  The man fell and when he hit the ground, "he" blew up! Of course the video was intended to be a "ha ha" moment for some unfortunate "terrorist" - and many seeing the video clip added their two-cents about how it "served him right".  Problem is, anyone with a brain could see that the video was a hoax! The "explosion" was not real! Someone created the video and put it "out there" on the INTERNET for the gullible to "share" - and share they did!  Can I say it again? 

What is going on?

How is it that we've reached this point in human existence when so many can be so ignorant that they can't use their God-given brain and assess the physical world?  Scripture says "the things that have been revealed belong to us and our children forever", yet so many of the things revealed (long ago) are today mired in ignorance and nonsense!  I am really concerned about humanity!  How is it possible, today, with so much knowledge, so many believe complete nonsense like the "flat earth", "planet X", "chemtrails", "man did not land on the moon", "government conspiracy", etc., etc.?   How? How?

What is going on?

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