Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How many Commandments are broken in the month of December alone?

Now that another Christmas has come and gone, let's count the the number of the 10 Commandments which were broken in the frenzy to observe this annual rutual:

Here are the 10 Commandments for those, the vast majority, who are unfamiliar with them:

1.  You shall have no other gods before Me.
2.  You shall not make any graven images.
3.  You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
4.  Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
5.  Honor your father and your mother.
6.  You shall not murder/kill.
7.  You shall not commit adultery.
8.  You shall not steal.
9.  You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10. You shall not covet (neighbor's servants, animals, or anything else).

So here we are each December, and the 1st, and #1, Commandment is "You shall have no other gods before Me".

Which "god" takes
precedence over YHWH? "Santa Claus?"! Tell me, when do children today learn of YHWH when they are ripping off the wrapping of Christmas morning presents from "Santa"? Haven't you relegated YHWH to at least 4th place, after Santa, Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa?  Does anyone receive a Christmas present from YHWH? Well, of course not!  It's from "Santa"!

#2: You shall not make any graven images.

What is a "Manger Scene" with a doll representing the "baby Jesus" if not a graven image?

#3: You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain. 

How is equating the birth of "Jesus" at December 25th NOT taking the name of the Lord in vain? Did "Jesus" come to be remembered only once a year, and only when you received gifts under a tree loaded with lights and decorations?  Since Christianity equates "Jesus" with "Lord", how is that NOT taking the Lord's name in vain? And when you do remember that the purpose of Y'shua (the real name of "Jesus") was to offer Himself on your behalf for your SINS, how does that relate to celebrating His birth (at the wrong time of year) with gift giving - to each other? (The three Wise Men didn't give presents to each other; they brought them for the baby Yeshua.)  And how is it that receiving undeserved gifts solely out of obligation has anything to do with "Jesus" laying down His life for you so that you might gain eternal life, if only you would know YHWH and the Messiah (John 17:3)? 

#4: Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

What's the busiest shopping day of the Christmas week if not the Sabbath day, the 7th day, Saturday before Christmas when most are off work?

#5: Honor your father and your mother.

How is this instilled in our children when on Christmas morning, upon receipt of a present the ungrateful child did not desire, he or she proceeds to throw a tantrum completely disrespecting the parents?

#6, 7, & 8:  You shall not murder/kill, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal.

Okay, here are 3 of the 10 commandments which are not typically broken at "Christmas". Nevertheless, there have been cases of the willful breaking of all 3 at Christmas!  People have been murdered for their presents, people have committed adultery upon drinking too much at "Christmas parties", and Christmas presents have been stolen, so strong is the need to fulfill this horrible annual ritual that some will resort to theft to fulfill the obligation.

# 9: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Wow! This is a "biggie"!  What can be more false than for us to LIE to our children that there is a "Santa Claus"
who will bring them presents, and that he "knows who's been naughty or nice?"  According to Scripture, only GOD knows these things….Not to mention, "Santa" employs magic (something YHWH abhors!) to fly with his reindeer around the world in 24 hours, to shimmy down billions of chimneys and deliver his presents….  All LIES we tell our children.  Not lying is the essence of this commandment!

# 10: You shall not covet (neighbor's servants, animals, or anything else).

How is it that we comply with this commandment when the very reason we
will purchase the latest and greatest gizmo for our kids is because we know the neighbor kids will get one or that it's the "in" thing this year?  How is that not 'coveting'?

So by my count, 7 out of the 10 Commandments
are routinely broken at Christmas every year and, arguably, the remaining 3 (numbers 6-8) are broken by some families!

So, please think long and hard about how it's "fun for the kids" to do Christmas and that it is the "highest holy day of the year" in Christianity….


  1. Amen! It doesn't seem to matter how much is pointed out about their wrong doing, they put the reason for everything they do under "love" and of course good ole "grace" if by chance they are doing "anything wrong". My pointing out over and over "what does a xmas tree, lights, and santa have anything to do with the birth of Yeshua?" all I get are blank stares and then "God doesn't care how we celebrate His birthday, just as long as we do." Of course next we have the celebrating of His Resurrection by playing with rabbits, eggs and eating chocolate. I just don't understand why people don't question this. It is beyond my comprehension. Even my "Christian" family of over 35 years partakes in all of this paganism and see nothing wrong with it!
    It seems now a days that if they think it is love, then therefore it must be of God and God must condone it. I usually counter with "heinous crimes are done in the name of love, murderers killing with "love" in their hearts. Pedophiles "loving" those poor children, etc. It doesn't mean it is from God just because someone sticks the word "love" in it or feels some kind of "perverse" love while they are doing it.
    Sorry for ranting...I just feel very frustrated this time of year with all this stupidity going on.

    1. Amein to everything you wrote. We don't understand why others can't understand the plain meaning of Scripture. Most seem to have "put God in a box" and they put that box on the shelf and take it off whenever they need it. "Yes, I'm a believer, but just don't expect me to DO anything for God!"....

  2. why don't you write everything in Hebrew?

    1. Why?...would it make me more "authoritative"? Why would I want to write in Hebrew and reach hardly any of the English speaking world? I take it this article offended you and you have difficulty with English? Sorry.

  3. Would Yeshua have served in the Roman Army? Why did you serve in the military? I'm pretty certain that the military breaks all 10 commandments.

    1. Since you brought it up: Serving in the military breaks none of the commandments. Evidently, you have not read the whole of scripture because the societal structure of God includes military service. See Numbers 1:3-46, Numbers 26:2 and Deuteronomy 24:5 (not specifically mentioning all the many citations of military service in the Nevi'im and Prophets.) God expected His people to protect themselves and allowed a hierarchy for it, including your dreaded military service!

      Either way, military service does not break any of the commandments. Most people, when they express such ignorance, point to the commandment: "You shall not kill", but they don't realize that killing in the conduct of military objectives has absolutely nothing to to with the commandment on the individual to not "kill" on their own volition. God, Himself, directed the Hebrews on military routs of the enemy! (You would probably not know this, as it is apparent you have not read the Bible.)

      So, even though it is WAY outside the scope of this article, you asked "Why did you serve in the military?" I am happy to answer even though it is really none of your business. I served because I love my country and I wanted to "give back" what I had been given even though I had not earned what I received. I had food, clothing, shelter, safety, and an entire government set up to provide for the basic liberties of our Constitution. Why would I have not wanted to serve, in whatever capacity I could, to support and defend that? In my service, I did things (that you will never be privy to) which, today, protect people like yourself...people who have never known the "draft", never served a day in the military, and don't understand that Americans live in the greatest country on earth. (For those who don't think so, we suggest they move to Syria....)

      Now, on to the only intellectual thing you wrote: "Would Yeshua have served in the Roman Army?"

      Odd question, but I believe He would have! What??? Yes, I believe He would have. Yeshua said "Give the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor." (Mark 12:17). That tells me that if the Romans controlled the government and said government required military service of all residents, including God-fearing Jews & Gentiles, then yes, Yeshua would have served (and would have obeyed all LEGAL orders expected of everyone.) Let's not enter into a discussion on whether or not the Romans would have had authority. None of us were there.

  4. Its absurd to note that ALL our Heavenly Fathers set apart 10 commandments are Broken in the month of December. This must be heavens 'hardest' month! Its my saddest month as I witness part of my family and relatives engaged in this pagan holy day. Its the only one uniting both the poor and the rich here in Kenya.
    Now, instead of crying for the lost world by proclaim the Torah, leaders like the one above keeps their heads buried in the sand by diverting the subject matter to things like Hebrew and Military. Wise up!

    "Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not thy law.TZADDE." (Psalm 119:136).

    Keep up the good work Refiners Fire team for you are read throught the entire world. I enjoy your Torah teaching and receive the portions each week in my email. PRAYING FOR YOU.


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