Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A word to the anti-missionary (Jesus hating) Talmud "pushers"

Try to reason with a Jewish anti-missionary (even former Christians who only recently decided to “reject Jesus” to follow the Rabbis), and they will inevitably attempt to use Talmud over and above Scripture, “shouting” at you to leave that “myth of the New Testament” and “come to G-d’s truth.”   If you try to tell them that Talmud is NOT Scripture, they will verbally pound you to pieces to let you know how ignorant you are, and then continue with their “Talmud is awesome IF you understand it properly - and you can only understand it properly if you learn from the rabbis” speech.

Hmmm.  So, listen to “the rabbis” to hear their PERSONAL OPINIONS about the personal opinions of the ancient sages who were dissecting Torah in their attempts to understand  God’s commands  - often coming to conclusions that led away from “exactly what God meant”;  and ultimately resulting in the building of myriad fences around Torah, to the point where even the Shabbat became a burden....(teachings that Y'shua attempted to put back in their proper perspective).

Ironically, the people who are now out there on the “anti-missionary” bandwagon, shouting the loudest, don’t seem to realize that they have merely exchanged one “religion” for another.  They have swung  from the Christian viewpoint (which promotes the idea that Jesus came to “save” and “free them from Torah”), to the other side of the pendulum - the Jewish viewpoint which promotes Torah and Talmud and adamantly rejects Y’shua and “grace
clinging instead to the idea that only “prayer and supplication are needed to be in good graces with God”.

So, my question to the anti-missionary Talmud “pushers” is this:   While mankind certainly DOES need "teachers" (Bible scholars) to help us discern the meaning of Scripture, how is what you are promoting (concerning learning from
the rabbis the man-made thoughts in Talmud ) different from the mindset of Catholics who listen to and idolize the Pope and are following his every word, and don’t have the freedom to make a move without him? How does your train of thought differ from church pastors who "shepherd their flocks" and teach them THEIR respective ideas about God and the Bible?

YES, Christian pastors and Catholics priests are off the mark in their respective teachings; but so are many of the rabbis that the anti-missionaries are lauding!  We have challenged many of their arguments about "Jesus and the New Testament" - please see for yourself.

It is truly irksome that those who have “rejected Jesus” don't have a clue that they have simply traded one "religion" for another - and now they are all out here VICIOUSLY berating those who don't follow THEIR way!

I feel what is really going on here is an endless desire to be “right.”  It’s not about יהוה for most, on either side of the issue.  It’s all about “me” and how “I am right and you’re wrong, and I will verbally beat you into submission to get you to believe MY way, MY thoughts, MY ideas, MY opinions”.... (If you don't believe me, just check out some of the many "anti-Jesus" and/or the Christian "Grace only" Facebook groups!)

Scripture warns us this would happen:

2 Timothy 3: 1. But know this: That in the latter days hard times will come: 2. and men will be lovers of themselves and lovers of money, boasters, proud, revilers, unyielding towards their own people, deniers of grace, wicked, 3. unloving, addicted to irreconcilable malicious gossips, ferocious, haters of the good, 4. treacherous, rash, inflated, attached to pleasure more than to the love of Elohim, 5. having a form of respect for Elohim but wide from the power of Elohim. Them who are such, repel from you. 6. For of them are they who creep into this and that house and captivate the women who are plunged in sins and led away by divers lusts, 7. who are always learning, and can never come to the knowledge of the truth.  (AENT)

Titus 1:  13. And this testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply that they may be sound in the faith  14. and may not throw themselves into Jewish fables and into the precepts of men who hate the Truth.  15. For to the pure, everything is pure; but to them who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure; but their understanding is defiled, and their conscience.  16 And they profess that they know Elohim, but in their works they deny him; and they are odious and disobedient and to every good work reprobates. (AENT)

We are commanded NOT to engage in endless word battles with those who think they have cornered the market on Truth:

2 Timothy 2: 14 Keep reminding people of this, and charge them solemnly before our Master (Y'shua) not to engage in word-battles. They accomplish nothing useful and are a catastrophe for the hearers! 15 Do all you can to present yourself to Elohim as someone worthy of his approval, as a worker with no need to be ashamed, because he deals straightforwardly with the Word of the Truth.  16 But keep away from godless babbling, for those who engage in it will only become more ungodly, 17 and their teaching will eat away at people like gangrene. (CJB)

Romans 16: 17. And I plead with you, my Brothers, that you beware of them who cause divisions and stumblings apart from the doctrine which you have learned: and that you stand distant from them.  18. For they who are such do not serve our Master Y’shua the Mashiyach, but their own belly: and by bland speeches and good wishes, they deceive the hearts of the simple.  (AENT)

Luke 9:   5. And he who does not receive you, when you depart from that city shake off even the dust from your feet for a testimony against them. (AENT)

Romans 14: 19 So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.

Yes, "pursuing for mutual upbuilding" would be very nice.  But I seriously doubt finding peace and mutual upbuilding will happen before Y’shua returns because men simply cannot lay aside their pride and their desire to “be right” and to force their OPINIONS down the world's collective throat.

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