Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Israel has a RIGHT to defend herself, and “the world” needs to back off!

"The world" has been trying to kill off "the Jews" since time immemorial, and they ALWAYS "bounced back" (because YHWH is with them!); and they have bent over backwards to appease everyone in all sorts of ways. Modern day Israel doesn't go out to pick on people or start wars - yet, way too often, they are provoked into unwanted combat by bullies who want them dead.

In my humble opinion, it's way PAST time they stood up to the terrorists who keep trying to wipe them out! It's time for them to STOP giving away their Land and their Temple Mount, etc., to appease those who didn't have a right to squat on THEIR GOD-GIVEN LAND, Israel, in the first place. You can’t negotiate with those who hate you enough to want you DEAD!


If someone came to your house time and time again to harass, terrorize, rape the women and/or kill your family and neighbors - would YOU stand by and do nothing? Would YOU sit there and whine and cry or hide like some simpering coward and let everyone else tell you to just back away and appease the swines who keeps attacking you? Or would you FINALLY grow a backbone and start fighting back, with every last ounce of strength you could muster - even if it meant your own death?

As sad as it is, EVERY war has "collateral damage" with innocent bystanders being killed. But that's just the way it goes. War is HELL!

I guarantee you, if it were MY family or neighborhood being attacked by Hamas or Isis or any other human dung who exist only to KILL, I would fight like HELL to put the hurt on them in every way available to me - and I wouldn't let ANYBODY tell me to sit down , shut up, and deal with it.

As much as I hate to see innocents getting hurt and killed, "the world" needs to understand Israel is not defending itself against a government; it's defending itself against the world’s barbaric extremists who exist only to hate the Jews and wipe them out!


  1. Shalom, Carmen. Great post. There are very few out there who are willing to bless the Hebrew People and seek what YHWH says (Genesis 12:1-3 and Galatians 5:22-23). Those who curse the Hebrew People end up being baffled, confused, delusional and puzzled (Romans 1:25 and 2 Thessalonians 3:11). May people do their best to seek YHWH while there is still time (2 Kepha 3-9).

  2. Too many out there are New Testament-only types or have a skewered and twisted message ("Jesus did it all", "Jesus abolished the Torah", " I believe in Jesus", "Torah's just for the Jews", and "That's Old Testament"). Set Apart believers realize that faith in YHWH certainly exceeds the average mantras of churchianity.


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