Tuesday, August 10, 2021


First - stop listening to all the contradicting voices and start using your head. You KNOW it's way past time to DO something to try to stem the tide of this pandemic, so start taking every precaution against something that is clearly out to kill you!

Taking precautions doesn't mean you "don't trust God." You must remember that trust in God comes with responsibility to do YOUR part during a worldwide pandemic that HE sent! (In case you haven't noticed, He is shaking the foundations of the earth right now, trying to get people to see WHO is in charge and giving them a chance to turn to Him before it's too late!)

YHWH gave us a brain - and anyone who has one and knows how to use it can see that 'something' IS going on, as millions have become sick and died from COVID over the last year and a half!

If you ignorantly believe it's all a hoax, or that taking the vaccine, wearing a mask and taking every necessary precaution to keep from getting COVID means your don't 'trust God' then why don't find a freeway and simply start crossing it without bothering to look both ways first, to see if there are cars coming? Why don't you simply throw yourself into a poisonous snake pit, or swim in shark-infested waters?

Do you honestly believe God will save those who are actively TESTING HIM to prove to the world that He allows "the faithful" to do whatever they please?

Did Yeshua jump off the cliff when Adversary began enticing him? (See Luke 3:21-23 and Luke 4.) Satan even offered Yeshua all the kingdoms in the world, in hopes of confusing YHWH's Messiah while he was in a vulnerable human state!

THAT was a pretty impressive bribe ... much like all the "voices" telling us NOT to mask or take the vaccine because of ... (insert your personal opinions, favorite conspiracy theories, or one of the thousands of internet articles written by "armchair experts," etc.)

Anyway, instead of giving in to the "evil voice" trying to steer him off the path (much like all the worldly voices being shoved down our collective throat today!), Yeshua simply remembered "who" he was, and what YHWH sent him to accomplish; and so he did nothing but quote Torah; which was his weapon against the enemy!

Like Yeshua, WE must always remember "who" we are in HIM - which includes taking care of the "temple" wherein the Ruach haKodesh dwells. In these times of peril where a virus is trying to kill us all, our armor is the inseparable Truth of "YHWH/Yeshua/Torah."

So, yes - trust in HIM, but remember that you live in a fallen world where bad things happen - and LIVE according to Torah and the whole of Scripture, which all fits together like perfect pieces of a puzzle. Use common sense to do everything in your power to survive this raging pandemic! This means wearing masks in closed, public spaces and taking a vaccine designed to HELP. (Contrary to popular belief, no one is trying to "kill you" by asking you to "mask up" and take a vaccine that has already proven to HELP you survive...)

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: What have you got to lose by being careful, doing plenty of social distancing, refraining from attending "super spreader" events, and taking common-sense precautions until we can finally get this pandemic under control?

It's tough enough to survive in a world that's clearly gone crazy over recent decades. Things AREN'T like they used to be, and we need to accept that and learn to deal with it as best we can. How we react to these unfolding end times events reveals "who" we truly are; so, let's do what we can to STAY ALIVE so we can continue to be REAL witnesses!


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