Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Some words of wisdom for those who are confused….

Some words of wisdom for those who are confused:

Are you confused by all the various teachings across the Internet? Well, don’t give up or become discouraged because that is exactly what the Adversary WANTS!

The simplest recipe to get you out of your slump is to stop the ‘net cruising and grazing, and simply read your Bible, because THAT’S where YHWH’s Truth can be found.

Honestly – you don’t allow tons of chefs into your kitchen to help you prepare your meals, do you? Of course not. Within minutes, your kitchen would be “ground Zero for World War III” with everybody arguing over which spices to use and how much of each spice is appropriate.

Some would have conniption fits over your “poor taste” in pots, pans and mixing bowls; while others would begin to fight and argue about the proper “plating” of the prepared meal.

Still others would freak out over your “cheap wine selection,” and whether red, white or rose’ is more appropriate for this particular meal they are preparing in your “substandard, very low-class, bourgeois kitchen"...

So, if you wouldn’t allow a bunch of chefs into your kitchen, WHY do you allow bunches of pastors and rabbis of various “flavors” and an endless string of “wannabe’s” with no credentials into your HEAD, telling you what the Bible says and how you should conduct your life according to “their” understanding of Scripture?

Yes - we DO need proper guidance from knowledgeable teachers; but how can you tell which one is actually teaching the actual Word of God instead of just mere opinion?

The key lies in whether or not YOU personally have read your Bible from cover to cover – because if you haven’t, you do NOT know what it says, and you do NOT know whom you are worshiping, or what He expects of you...

So, first and foremost, READ your Bible, every word. Don’t skip passages or jump around. (After all, you don’t read a novel that way, do you?)

Read it, and when you’re done, start all over and read it again. And then again. Every time you read your way through, you will learn and grow, and become enlightened with things you’ve "never noticed before."

It’s an AMAZING and REWARDING journey – one that will empower YOU with the personal ability to be able to discern “good” teachings from “bad” AND keep you from ever becoming “confused” again!

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