Saturday, February 22, 2020

Some GREAT messages from the Apostle Paul

Rav Shaul (Rabbi Paul) wrote the following great message to Timothy that actually resonates into our modern day:

1 Timothy 1: 3. When I was going into Macedonia, I requested you to remain at Ephesus and to charge certain persons not to teach different doctrines, 4. and not to throw themselves into fables and stories about genealogies of which there is no end, which produce contention rather than edification in the Faith of Elohim.

5. Now the goal[1] of the command is love which is from a pure heart and from a good conscience and from true Faith. 6. But from these some have strayed and have turned aside to vain words; 7. because they wished to be teachers of Torah, while they understood not what they speak, nor the thing about which they contend.

(Note: Sound familiar? How many of "those types" do WE know!)

1 Timothy 1: 8. Now we know, that Torah is a good thing if a man conduct himself in it according to Torah; 9. he knowing that Torah was not established for the righteous but for the evil and the rebellious, and those without Elohim, and the sinful, and the perverse and for the impure, and for smiters of their fathers and smiters of their mothers, and for murderers, 10. and for sexual sinners and for copulators with males, and for the stealers of free people, and for liars, and for violators of oaths, and for whatever is contrary to sound doctrine, 11 (namely) that of the glorious Good News of the blessed Elohim with which I am entrusted.[2]  (AENT)


[1] Mashiyach/Messiah is the goal of Torah, not its termination (not "the end of the law" which some versions say.

Love is also the sakal(goal) of the commandment, not the termination. This is validated throughout Rav Shaul’s writings in key places like Romans 3:31; 7:12; 10:4.

[2] In other words, Torah was not made to confirm the righteousness of man, but to set the boundaries of the Kadosh (Set Apart) as good, and the profane as evil. It is only through the boundaries set by YHWH that the Good News can proceed into the hearts of those who seek the Kingdom of Elohim.

The Good News is the advancement of Torah, not its destruction as taught by the majority of Christian theologians.


  1. Does your note refer to those who talk the talk but don't walk the walk?

    1. It sure does, Kevin! And as you know, there are LOTS of those people around....


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