Sunday, August 21, 2016

You can't really converse about God and the Bible with those who think they already have all the answers

Talking to some people who have their own ideas about God and the Bible is a total waste of time. They don't understand the simplest things and will argue the hind leg off a donkey. They absolutely refuse to simply OBEY YAH who clearly, for instance, explained the difference between "clean" and "unclean" animals. I've had several conversations about the "clean and unclean" issue over the last few days, and it's always the same ol' tired stuff:

"Yes," they argue, "I know what God said, but that was just for the Jews."

Really? So Numbers 15:13-16 where YAH said FOUR TIMES in a row that ALL are to do exactly as HIS people do, doesn't mean anything to you? "No, because things have changed. People have changed. Everybody's eating pork now, and it hasn't hurt anyone. It's no different from eating bovine. God only told the Jews this because He was trying to teach them obedience at the time."

OH, I get it now! So obedience was only meant for the Jews. Everyone else can do whatever they want and eat whatever they want because they're all "under grace" now. Riiiiight. Okay. Got it.


So, the question remains: WHY was, the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 dealing with a specific issue on how to properly bring the Gentiles into the fold without over-burdening them? Why were they wracking their brains over things like: Was it necessary for Gentiles as new converts to take on the full weight of the man-made laws of the Sages in order to be accepted within the Jewish community? And how can we assure our Jewish community that those Gentiles who had confessed Yeshua as Messiah had genuinely forsaken any form of idolatry?

WHY all the hoopla over what to do with, and how to treat the Gentiles who had accepted the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Do you honestly believe that "under grace" meant they didn't have to bother with any rules?

Adam and Eve weren't Jews - and yet they had to follow His Divine Rules! Same with Cain and Abel who presented sacrifices, and Noah who knew the difference between "clean and unclean" animals. None of them were "Jews" - but yet they ALL followed YAH's Divine Instructions in Righteousness (Torah)!

So, what's the problem today, eh? Did God's Son REALLY come to bring a new religion and to abolish everything his Father ever commanded so people could do, be and eat whatever they wanted without any restrictions?


  1. Shali, when dealing with the "know-it-all" types, I often think of Col. Nathan Jessup's famous line from A FEW GOOD MEN: "You can't handle the truth." Based on Scripture, Y'shua warns us that Satan can't handle the truth "because there is no truth in him" (John 8:44).

  2. Oh I like that line, "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth". It gets boring talking to the "wall".


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