Sunday, June 12, 2016

Count your blessings and recognize miracles!

Over the last few days during my health crisis I posted several Facebook "threads" about YHWH’s miracles.  He truly has given me more than my fair share, and I am so appreciative!  He has saved my life more than once, including that time I had a misdiagnosed ruptured appendix, and once when I was involved in a high-speed accident on an 8-lane freeway in Houston – and nobody got hurt.  The cars were totaled, and I was all black and blue on the left side, but there was no blood nor broken bones.

Across the years I’ve had friends who, whenever I shared that “God gave me a miracle” would become angry, depressed or sad because God supposedly never gave them a miracle.  One such friend was “J” whom I met back when I first “got saved” in a little Baptist country church in Missouri.  “J” was a wonderful lady, but typical of many “religious” folk – she was a fence straddler, with one foot in the carnal and one in the spiritual. 

She was the kind who liked to talk about God and the Bible, but “put Him in a box.” He was very convenient when she wanted something – and then, when she didn’t get her wish, she would – instead of realizing she was in need of some attitude adjustments  – become angry with Him.  While acting very spiritual on one hand, she also didn’t mind sharing with me about the adultery she was committing on her husband. 

(I knew THAT was a sin before I ever even became a believer, and I often wondered how a good Christian person who supposedly knew Scripture, would dare to sin on purpose!  It wasn’t until I found my way to Torah that I realized that many "have found the insurance policy, but they’ve never bothered to read the fine print”….)   

Anyway, I remember once when I shared some miracle YHWH gave me, “J” became very indignant and said, “Carmen, I don’t understand that.  I’ve been a Christian for 35 years, and He’s NEVER given ME a miracle!”

Back then, I didn’t know how to answer.  But if someone were to say that to me today, my response would be:  “Perhaps you never recognized the miracles when they happened.  Perhaps you were late to work one morning because, if you had left at your regular time, you might have gotten into an accident.  That was a miracle!  Perhaps you were sick with the flu that time you were supposed to attend an important meeting at a hotel in another state, and then discovered that everyone who attended came down with Legionnaires Disease.  THAT was a miracle, too.  

Perhaps you had a doctor’s appointment for swollen tonsils, but while there, your doctor noticed you had the beginning of skin cancer.  That was a miracle.  Or, perhaps you were despondent over the fact that you had a miscarriage, losing the baby you were desperately wanting…and then you discovered the baby would have been born with horrific birth defects that would have rendered him or her incapable of ever leading a normal life…That meant YHWH spared this child a life of misery, and he or she went straight to heaven where you will one day be reunited!  

Our life is fleeting, and we must learn to recognize even the smallest of miracles because they ARE there.

If you’re alive, you experience miracles of one kind or another every day!  If you can see, hear, speak and think, and you have a roof over your head and food on your table, and you’re able-bodied and willing to serve YHWH/Yeshua with whatever spiritual gifts you’ve been given – THOSE are ALL miracles!

YHWH has performed countless miracles for this fallen world!  I don’t need to list them; you already know what He’s done – including the biggest miracle of all:  Using a young virgin to give birth to His Divine Son, who offered himself as our Final SIN Sacrifice so that we could have eternal life simply by “believing” in him (John 3:15, John 17:3).  Halleluyah!  And that Son healed the sick, raised the dead, walked on water and turned water into wine…to mention only a few of HIS miracles.  You all know those stories….

Miracles can come in many forms.  We just have to be in tune with YHWH 24/7 to recognize and give thanks for them when they do happen.
Related scriptures: Psalm 7:17, 72:18, 77:14, 86:10, 95:2-3, 100:4, 106:1 & 8; 2 Cor. 4:15-16, 1 Tim 4:4-5.

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