Saturday, May 23, 2015

James was correct: Man IS "justified by works and not faith alone!"

Have you ever wondered about this verse - James 2:24?  “You see that by works a man is justified and not by faith alone.”

A Christian man argued:  “If you're going to use James 2 to support a faith + performance theology, then you have some issues to reconcile!”

Really?  Why?  The entire Torah (first five Books of the Bible) is all about YHWH’s grace and mercy as He continuously attempts to reach and teach mankind to follow HIS Divine Instructions in Righteousness (Torah)!  James is merely reiterating that fact.

Let’s read the footnote on this verse in the AENT: 

The Hebrew word for a righteous soul = tsadiq; righteousness = tsedeq; justified = tsadaq; notice they are the same word.  A soul without righteousness can never be “justified” regardless of what theologians claim.  The original root word for justified relates to righteous action.  However, mainstream Christianity teaches that a person is “justified” solely on the merits of belief in Y’shua, and that observing Torah is impossible.  Even in Ya’akov’s (James) day, some individuals wanted cerebral belief to “justify” themselves, which is impossible.

Y’shua’s person (example) and Spirit is meant to literally be imparted into us; this must be evidenced by our actions, otherwise we do not belong to him.  Theological, or cerebral “belief” without works, is dead religion; but active literal Faith comes to life in Mashiyach.  Torah Observance/obedience is clear evidence that we have passed from death to life.  See John 5:29, Matthew 7:23.

James’ words are easy to understand – IF you have An applied knowledge of Torah.

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